Company: Danfoss

Product: SW19-59 Series

Description: This series of semi-welded plate heat exchangers has been specifically designed, crafted, and tested to fit ammonia-based industrial refrigeration applications. The new line can help industrial refrigeration professionals achieve a safer, more energy-efficient operation, with several key improvements made to the design, according to the company. The product features improved thermal performance due to a more compact design with optimized plate geometry to support high turbulent flow and a lower charge. It also has a new gasket system that improves plate pack stability. The gasket system and groove design has been engineered to ensure high gasket stability and optimal plate alignment, enabling easy and fast service and maintenance. This new design improves the sealing effect and prevents gasket blow-out. The risk of contamination is reduced due to the double-gasket barrier that will drain potential leakages outside of the plate pack. Technicians have quick access to the plate pack with the non-corrosive nylon roller that makes it easy to slide the follower along the carrying bar. The Danfoss semi-welded plate heat exchanger design has been verified through thermal and mechanical tests. Furthermore, each semi-welded plate cassette and fully assembled plate heat exchanger is thoroughly leak tested with helium before it leaves the factory.

Contact: 888-326-3677,, eProduct 181

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