Company: eControls

Product: WC365

Description: This product was designed as a low-cost alternative to zoning. It manually directs more airflow to where it’s needed so that the upstairs and downstairs spaces are cooled or heated at the same rate, eliminating the complaint that the upstairs is too hot. Installed on any wall in the home, it controls two plug-and-play, modulating dampers that control airflow to the upstairs and downstairs. The homeowner turns the knob to direct more airflow to the area desired. Directing more airflow upstairs partially closes the downstairs damper, forcing more conditioned airflow upstairs. Directing more airflow downstairs partially closes the upstairs damper, forcing more conditioned airflow downstairs. The dampers never fully close and the airflow through the equipment remains unchanged, eliminating the need for bypass. The wireless control eliminates all wiring within the living space of the home. Only two wires to connect to equipment R and C and plug-and-play dampers eliminate wiring errors.

Contact: 949-916-0945,, eProduct 186

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