Company: Uponor Inc.

Product: ProPEX® EP Series

Description: Designed for residential and commercial plumbing and hydronic applications, a single reducing tee will do the job of a composed tee made of several different components (tee, rings, and reducing couplings), cutting the time and labor needed to make the connection. The new series consists of 10 different reducing tees in a variety of outlet configurations, from ½-inch to 2-inch diameters — the sizes most in demand, based on recent field research by Uponor. Made of a highly durable and reliable engineered polymer, these fittings will resist corrosion, withstand thousands of pounds of force, and handle the high temperatures found on many commercial projects. According to the company, the cost of a single ProPEX reducing tee is roughly equivalent to the combined expense of the various components formerly needed to make that same connection. The product complies with all applicable standards: ASTM F877, ASTM F1960, and CSA B137; NSF/ANSI 14, 61, and 372; and ASTM E84, E119, and E814. The tees are listed for both potable water and hydronic applications, carry the same hydrostatic temperature and pressure ratings as the overall Uponor PEX piping system, and select fittings carry the UL1821 fire listing.

Contact: 800-321-4739,, eProduct 184


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