Company: Swiss Rotors AG

Product: SF-Series-4

Description: Measuring 4 inches in depth, these products are available in industry-standard casing sizes, making them a direct replacement for most polymer and aluminum wheels. They use a 3A molecular sieve as a desiccant coating, and cross-contamination is limited by highly selective absorption of water molecules only, which prevents contaminants or odors being transferred into supply air. All wheels have monolith structure. Double-walled construction allows the use of a twin sealing system based on non-contact seals that minimize leakage. The drive system includes an AC 3-phase motor, is VFD compatible, and has a durable segmented link belt as standard. The wheel hub is made of extruded aluminum and features permanently lubricated and maintenance-free bearings designed for over 200,000 hours.

Contact: 470-231-0900,, eProduct 185

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