Radiant Control

Company: Salus North America Inc.

Product: TRV Smart Radiant Control

Description: This device enables users to precisely control their hydronic radiant panel, baseboard, or radiator to heat to the exact temperature and from wherever they may be. Suitable for both retrofits and new installs, the battery-operated product features an electrical device that works to open and close the hot water or steam valve to produce more accurate room heating. A thermostat with exact temperature settings, located away from the hydronic heat source, wirelessly controls the heating device and can monitor the actual ambient room temperature to ensure better accuracy and comfort. One smart thermostat unit can control several heating devices in the same room, or they can be zoned to maintain the desired room temperature and increase energy efficiency. Individual or grouped thermostats can also be programmed independently of the main heating system to turn on and off when the space is not being used, or when the temperature is satisfied. By connecting the product through the SalusSmart Home Hub, the user can control individual thermostats from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or PC via an app.

Contact: info@salusinc.com., www.salusinc.com, eProduct 181

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