BALTIMORE — Already a option for commercial chillers and rooftop systems using R410A, with intermediate discharge valve (IDV) technology to enhance seasonal part-load cooling efficiency, the Danfoss DSH scroll compressors now support R454B and R452B refrigerants. The option to use new, lower-GWP refrigerants was prompted by the European Union’s (EU) ongoing phase-down of high GWP refrigerants, limiting availability and increasing the price of R410A.

Meanwhile, in countries where refrigerant GWP is already taxed, switching to R454B or R452B will provide savings on the tax value up to 78 percent and 67 percent respectively.

The compressors’ multi-refrigerant compatibility, along with similar drop-in performance versus R410A, is designed to make refrigerant transition as easy as possible for OEMs without the need to make radical system alterations, thus accelerating time to market, both for cooling and reversible systems altogether.

The changes also enable OEMs to make late line customizations and reduce stock inventories, which increases overall flexibility and ease of stock management.

“Around the world, refrigerant transition is happening at different speeds,” said Matthieu Stoll, director of a/c marketing at Danfoss Cooling. “By using Danfoss DSH scroll compressors with IDVs, OEMs can now respond to market changes more easily — whether that’s new efficiency requirements or the GWP phase down. That’s ultimate flexibility. And with a GWP level of 466, R454B in particular can be viewed as a potential long-term solution.”

Publication date: 6/17/2019

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