Company: Greenheck

Product: Model FJI FumeJet®

Description: The Mega-Stack option for this product offers extended discharge from 10 to 15 feet in overall stack discharge height. This feature makes it ideal for low-flow applications requiring higher plume rise. The unit is a pre-engineered, centrifugal fan exhaust package that reduces and prevents exposure to harmful fumes and disperses odors. Designed per ANSI Z9.2 standard for local exhaust systems, it provides a compact footprint with motors and drives located under a common weather hood. Complimentary accessories allow for quick and trouble-free installation, plus configurable mounting options accommodate different building layouts. This fan package with Mega-Stack assembly option has been designed and factory-tested to withstand a wind speed of 115 mph without the need for guy-wires. It has a maximum exhaust volume of 18,000 cfm and up to 9 inches water column.

Contact: 715-359-6171;; eProduct 189


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