Company: AquaMotion Inc.

Product: AQUA-Shield™

Description: When southern regional applications require a recirculation pump, it can be installed outdoors next to the tankless heater recirculation system with the help of this product. The external Aqua-Shield™ pump can be serviced by any installer. The Aqua-Shield Terminal Box is water resistant, bug resistant, and freeze protected. It is fully automatic with timers and built-in aquastats, or it can be used with the Aqua-ON DEMAND™ ON CALL™ system. The device also has anti-tampering locking features; timer visibility or solid cover; pump mounting in any position, with terminal box always in upright position; and space for OEM branding. This recirculation system provides instant hot water comfort and can save up to 15,000 gallons of water per year.

Contact: 401-785-3000;; eProduct 184