Company: JB Solutions Inc.

Product: HVACIV®

Description: This automated biocide injection system for condensate drains attacks and prevents biofilm growth in air conditioning, dehumidifier, and ventilator drains, traps, and associated piping that can lead to health issues and property damage from flooding. It uses a control system that monitors the thermostat operation and determines the most opportune time to inject the biocide. The system features a small storage tank, an adaptive control system, and a blend of chlorine dioxide and water that is dripped into the heating and cooling system’s pan and drains like an IV at the doctor’s office. The control system has a smart microprocessor that monitors system operation and cycles, determining the best time to inject the solution for optimum cleansing. This also helps extend the life expectancy of the storage tank’s contents to minimize operating costs. The tank also has the option for a Wi-Fi sensor system that will alert users and contractors when the tank volume is getting low and needs refilling or service.

Contact: 833-482-2481;; eProduct 185


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