Company: The Harris Products Group

Product: Perfect Flame®

Description: The system provides consistent results for repetitive, high-volume, hand-held brazing applications. It includes torches, tips, flow control devices, and software that work together. It sets high brazing standards and then controls variables to produce consistent joint quality. This process results in flame control that leads to high brazing quality; minimal leaks and rejects; and reductions in operational costs related to labor, oxygen, and fuel gas. The Model ST, the single-torch configuration, allows the braze operator to toggle between five different settings via a foot pedal, selecting up to five preset flames from a library of up to 100. The Model MT, a multi-torch configuration, is designed for high-production operations, where individual operators are brazing the same or different joints. Three operators can be using the same or different flames, each controlled by one Model MT unit.

Contact: 800-241-0804;; eProduct 183