Sensaphone® has introduced the Sentinel PRO remote monitoring system, an enhanced version of the Sentinel cloud-based system that provides 24/7 monitoring of unattended HVAC units, freezers, refrigerators, boilers and chillers. The system supports the Modbus communications protocol and includes a second relay output.

The Sentinel PRO system interacts with all existing sensors within a facility and provides operators on-demand, real-time status and data acquisition from any Internet-connected device. The system monitors, delivers alarms and logs input/output points from third-party Modbus sensors, transducers and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). These sensors can monitor virtually any critical condition including temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, conductivity and water leakage. The system supports Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP.

Only one Sentinel PRO unit is required to monitor up to 64 Modbus registers or 12 different digital or analog status conditions and send alerts via phone, email or text. Data values can be viewed in real time via or the Sensaphone iPhone/Android app.