COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) recently completed a year-long project by moving to its new headquarters in greater Columbus. The new office is designed to serve as a resource for members.

The core of the office is an open floor plan, with several different meeting rooms meant to accommodate any number of working styles and meeting needs whether they’re large, conference-style meetings, informal huddles or periods of quiet focus.

“We’ve created an extremely flexible working area,” said Talbot Gee, CEO, HARDI. “On any given day, we can offer the environment best suited to our employees’ needs, whether it’s maximizing team collaboration, holding formal meetings, or plowing through work in periods of quiet focus. When you couple that with the newly implemented technology and anticipated tech upgrades, HARDI is well-positioned to be a leader in talent recruitment and retention.”

The new office also includes access to a 50-person training room where HARDI can host its members.

“We’ve been searching for a practical way to host groups of our members, especially those partaking in our educational certification programs, and this is the perfect solution allowing us to welcome them to our headquarters, introduce them to HARDI staff, and complete their training all in one visit,” said Emily Saving, vice president, Professional & Program Development, HARDI.

“We’ll finally be able to host our own strategic planning meeting,” said Gee. “In past years everyone has had to travel to an out-of-town location. It was inefficient, costly, and you end up making major organizational decisions in a completely unfamiliar place.”

HARDI can also make these meeting rooms available for members’ use.

“Let’s say a distributor is looking for a place to host wholesaler-sponsored contractor training or just needs a place to hold an off-site planning meeting, they can now leverage the HARDI office as a resource in their arsenal,” said Gee.

HARDI staff are looking forward to the increased efficiency through easier collaboration and ultimately upping the level of performance offered to HARDI members in a location members will be proud to visit.

“Aesthetically, we’re light years from where we were,” said Chris DeBoer, marketing manager, HARDI, who was instrumental in shaping the look and feel of the office. “Everything has been updated with a style consistent with HARDI’s image and branding. No detail was overlooked.”

HARDI’s new address is 445 Hutchinson Ave., Suite 550, Columbus, OH 43235.