Maximize Rooftop Unit Performance with York® Fault Detection and Diagnostics

York® Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) from Johnson Controls helps building professionals maximize rooftop unit performance. With FDD, contractors can configure, commission and troubleshoot packaged units faster; engineers can confidently confirm specifications; and building owners can cut energy and service costs.

Available exclusively with Simplicity® Smart Equipment (SE) Controls, FDD technology monitors refrigeration circuit temperatures and pressures, economizer operation and outdoor humidity and temperatures. If issues arise, FDD provides easy access to detailed alerts, speeding up response to situations before they lead to possible equipment performance issues. Detailed alerts are accessible any time from a smartphone or other remote device. With the Simplicity SE Controls Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway, alerts can be viewed on a Web browser.

FDD simplifies the service process by reducing the steps to a contractor discovering an issue, a contractor diagnosing the problem and a tech arriving to do the repair with the parts already in-hand. All system data are in-hand before anyone sees the equipment, and refrigerant gauges or temperature probes are not required for troubleshooting since FDD provides all the required sensor, fault and diagnostics data.



WaterFurnace Introduces HydroLogic, a Simple Solution for Radiant Heating

WaterFurnace International, Inc., the leading manufacturer of geothermal and water source heat pumps, introduces HydroLogic, a turnkey solution for radiant heating that integrates seamlessly into a WaterFurnace geothermal system. It is a cost-effective product that takes the complexity and time out of radiant system installations.

The main component of HydroLogic is a pre-piped, pre-wired modular mechanical panel designed to simplify installation. The panel supports cooling, dehumidification and multiple zones of radiant heating while optimizing heat pump performance by automatically adjusting water temperatures based on indoor feedback and outdoor temperature via the included sensor. HydroLogic’s intelligent heat/cool switchover reduces energy waste and maximizes the overall system performance.

Features and benefits of HydroLogic include:

• Easy equipment selection.

• Powerful communicating controls that integrate both forced air and radiant heating.

• Simple wiring without an electrician.

• Professional appearance with an appliance look.

• Optional insulated models for chilled water.

• Zones that are easy to add on, even in the field.

• Solid warranty.



RAE Coils Announces Production of Highly Efficient Evaporative Condensing Tube Bundles

RAE Coils, a division of RAE Corp., an industry leader in the design and production of engineered heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, is manufacturing replacement and OEM evaporative condensing tube bundles. They are a critical component of the highly efficient condensing units originally manufactured by Mammoth’s Ultraline and Penthouse brands. When compared with air cooled technology, this innovative product can result in a reduction of up to 35 percent in annual operating costs.

Evaporative condensing units cool more efficiently than air-cooled units because the surface of the refrigerant tubes is sprayed with water, thereby allowing the tube bundles to reject more heat than in an air-cooled system with the same surface area and airflow. The increased efficiency of the evaporative-cooled unit results in decreased energy usage and operational costs.

The tubes in RAE Coils’ evaporative cooling tube bundles are constructed from copper to provide optimal heat transfer. Evaporative condensing units with RAE Coils’ evaporative condensing tube bundles are ideal for use in commercial applications, such as hospitals, universities, and industrial building.

RAE Coils


A.O. Smith’s Concentric Venting, NonCondensing Models Make Tankless Water Heater Replacement a Snap

Water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith ( is launching the Simplicity Series of concentric venting, noncondensing tankless water heaters — designed to make installations simple and flexible through a new gas convertible combustion system.

The Simplicity Series models come in three sizes and are designed to easily convert from natural gas to propane – with all necessary components already in the box. This new line will assist distributors in managing their inventories by reducing the number of product variations needed, which ensures product availability as well.

Available in 140K, 190K and 199K BTU versions and ULN-certified, the Simplicity Series scores a 0.82 EF rating. These new models also come equipped with integrated controls that make temperature adjustment and diagnostic review easier.

A.O. Smith


Nu-Calgon Launches New ClenAir HVAC Odor Block XL

Nu-Calgon has introduced ClenAir HVAC Odor Block XL, a new product designed to treat indoor air quality and eliminate odors through the heating and air conditioning system. Primarily for residential use, Odor Block XL treats 2,500 square feet for up to six months.

HVAC Odor Block XL is a true odor neutralizer, not an odor mask or cover-up. It safely eliminates airborne odors and indoor pollutants from smoke, pets, food, mold, bacteria, chemicals and many other odor sources. The HVAC Odor Block XL is installed in the air handler or return duct and treats the building air as it passes through the product.

HVAC Odor Block XL can be used safely in A/C units, furnaces, rooftop units, fan coil units and air handlers. It employs proven ClenAir odor eliminating technology that provides months of odor-free, freshened air. In addition to HVAC Odor Block XL, ClenAir by Nu-Calgon offers Residential HVAC Odor Block, which treats systems up to three tons for two months.



Curb Commercial Cooling Costs by 30 Percent with COOLNOMIX®

CoolGreenPower announces the U.S. debut of a new retrofit energy efficiency device called COOLNOMIX®, which curbs commercial cooling costs for air conditioning and refrigeration systems by an average of 30 percent. With its dual temperature sensors and patented software, COOLNOMIX® can improve system performance by optimizing compressor operation. With twice as many sensors as a thermostat, COOLNOMIX® ensures that the compressor only fires when necessary, rather than after every gust of warm air enters from an opened door. While some products deliver energy savings at the cost of performance, COOLNOMIX® actually increases the level of temperature precision for the cooling system while it drastically reduces the total energy use.

COOLNOMIX® installs in under an hour in alignment with the thermostat, requires no change to existing infrastructure and delivers a rapid payback. The device eliminates compressor short-cycling and evaporator coil ice buildup and extends the life of the cooling system by improving its performance.



Solution for Uneven Heating and Cooling in Two-Story Homes without Using a Zoning Panel

eControls, manufacturer of intelligent wired and wireless HVAC controls, introduced a touch, programmable thermostat with airflow control that will improve comfort throughout the home in all seasons without the use of a zoning panel. The Comfort365 thermostat (Pat. Pend.) works the same as any programmable thermostat by controlling heating and cooling costs but also automatically or manually directs more airflow to the upstairs during the cooling season and more airflow to the downstairs during the heating season so that the upstairs and downstairs are cooled or heated at the same rate.

The Comfort365 is a programmable thermostat featuring a high-definition touch screen and multiple equipment and thermostat modes for gas/electric and heat pump equipment. The thermostat is installed downstairs using the existing wiring to the system. A temperature sensor is installed upstairs, and dampers are installed to control the airflow to the upstairs and downstairs.



New Luxaire® Duct-Free Mini Splits Offer High Efficiency and Desired Control Options 

Johnson Controls has launched seven new Luxaire® duct-free mini split product lines available throughout the United States and Canada.  The systems offer additional indoor options, more multizone products, light commercial applications and low ambient options.

Both single and multizone systems are available and feature:

• Ultra-high efficiency — up to 30 SEER.

•Wi-Fi, wired and central control options.

•Operating temperatures ranging from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 129 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Capacities from 3/4 ton to four tons.

• Extended warranties.

Product highlights include:

• The new Z Series — a 30.5 SEER single zone system with a wider operating range and better pricing than the competition.

• The entry-level single-zone P Series with an extended warranty plus optional Wi-Fi and central controller options.

• The 20 SEER R Series with wider capacity ranges than any other system on the market.

• The 22 SEER multizone W Series with central controller options that can control up to 16 indoor units.

A new warehouse location and expanded inventory make for easier and faster product ordering.

The systems come from the factory with a five-year parts and seven-year compressor warranty. A 10-year parts and compressor comfort plan for both heat pump and AC systems, as well as 10-year parts and labor comfort plans, are also available, allowing customers to choose when strong warranties are needed without complex “premier dealer” programs.