We’re not talking about President Obama’s version of change, although it has been a rather special interpretation. The change we are seeing is a fundamental shift in the way society conducts itself both in matters of conscience and business. This is no reason to panic. Since the dawn of time, mankind and his environment have changed. Knowledge, abilities, resources, and technologies have all shifted the way societies function, as well as the way business is done. From barter to trade to credit, each has held an economic significance at one time or another. The question is: what is the next evolution of business change? 


Questions at 10,000 Feet

Looking past the immediate future, consider what HVAC distribution business looks like 10, 20, or 30 years down the road. Will everything be automated without exception? Will radio frequency identification technology consume the supply chain and transform point-of-sale interactions? Did three-dimensional printers revolutionize the parts business? Does Amazon survive? Will another company find a way to make Amazon, Google, and other current threats seem like nothing more than small bumps in the road of progress? It will be interesting to see how these and other questions play out
in the future.

Have you considered how your business will adapt to fundamental shifts and new trends in the supply chain? Are you living a culture of change now, or are you stuck in a business pattern of successful formulas that have worked for years and you are banking on them working for years to come?

Change is inevitable. Those who fear it will likely survive the business world for a while and then fade into the background as a historical remembrance of the good old days. Those who grab change by the horns, master its perpetual flaws, and bridle the upsetting force it brings to business, could find themselves on the upside of HVAC distribution years down the road.

Of course there will be bruises and scars, but change isn’t easy. This issue might help you navigate the future and its change with information; but don’t forget that your success relies on more than numbers and facts. It’s a commitment to finding the best solution for your company and your customers, despite how business was conducted five years ago. Are you ready to grab success by the horns? Are you ready to change?