GeoStar’s IntelliZone2 works in unison with the company’s Aurora controls to provide temperature control in up to six separate zones when used with the variable capacity Sycamore Series. It can control up to four zones with the company’s Aston Series. When added to GeoStar’s Sycamore and Aston series, users can precisely regulate temperatures in multiple areas of a home using separate thermostats or sensors. The IntelliZone2 gives homeowners the power to condition where and when they choose.

GeoStar's IntelliZone2

The product is controlled from a color touch-screen thermostat. It has a 4.3-inch display and provides support for precise energy monitoring of yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily analysis of a unit’s energy usage. All the advanced features of Sycamore and Aston series heat pumps are fully supported, including energy monitoring, plain-English error communication, SuperBoost cooling, and active dehumidification.

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