The new generation of 435 Series actuators is replacing the AME 15QM series of actuator for the AB-QM pressure independent control valve (PICV). The AME 435QM and AMV 435 are the first of a new design of actuators which offer improved operation with lower power consumption. This new family of actuators requires no additional tools when it is installed to the AB-QM valve bodies. The click on mounting mechanism of the actuator reduces actuator installation time. Features include two selectable operation speeds, external LED for visual confirmation of actuator operation, end travel LED signaling, and easy calibration via an external reset button. The actuators are smaller and lighter than the manufacturer's previous model with 24-vac or -vdc power capabilities. The modulation version of actuator, AME 435QM, offers a unique feature - the selection of the actuator control characteristic. The AB-QM PICV blends two conventional system components, the balancing valve and the control valve, into one compact valve to provide a cost-effective means to ensure design flow at each terminal coil regardless of system differential pressure fluctuations. Achieving design flow at all times results in better control and comfort levels, as well as energy savings since overflow conditions are eliminated.

eProduct 187