The ComfortBREEZE ™ evaporative humidifier line combines advanced microprocessor control with conventional evaporative technology. The units are available with optional patent-pending ComfortSmart ™ technology to minimize water consumption while maintaining a comfortable humidity in the home. The ComfortSmart equipped models feature a relay that can power the HVAC blower, so that a call for heat is not required for the unit to deliver humidification. Water-saving models come equipped with an electronic humidistat and outdoor temperature reset to protect the home from condensation problems that can arise when the outdoor air temperatures fall. Fan-powered models are compatible with any type furnace system/single stage, variable speed and modulating. An exterior-mounted LED displays fault codes and provides visual indication when evaporative pad replacement is necessary. The ComfortBREEZE CB707 humidifier combines centrifugal atomization with advanced microprocessor control. It can operate as a stand-alone or complement all types of heating equipment and is fully compatible with heat pump systems. The CB707 can operate with 120- or 240-V input power.

Trion IAQ

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