Company: Carrier Corp.   

Product: i-Vu® Equipment Touch

Description: This product provides facility managers and technicians with an intuitive user interface for managing HVAC equipment in buildings. The large, high-resolution displays are designed for indoor equipment and panel mounting applications. The display enclosures are dust, water, and vibration resistant. They connect to a single i-Vu controller and are available in three sizes: TruVu ET 4 display (4.3-inch screen, 480 x 272, 128 ppi resolution); TruVu ET 7 display (7-inch screen, 1024 x 600, 170 ppi resolution); and TruVu ET 10 display (10.1-inch screen, 1280 x 800, 149 ppi resolution). Once connected, the TruVu ET displays will automatically show an i-Vu graphic of the equipment, providing operators with real-time visibility and control of the connected equipment. Operating parameters, trend graphs, schedules, and alarms can be viewed and configured. A pinch-to-zoom feature increases operator visibility of details on the equipment graphic and trend graphs. It also allows equipment graphics to be customized using the ViewBuilder graphics tool. The TruVu ET displays support multiple languages and include multilevel password protection for security.

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