CHICAGO — WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. is poised for an exciting year as the manufacturer is preparing to release several new commercial HVAC products, including a modular chiller and rooftop unit as well as a variable-speed, 10- to 15-ton Versatec geothermal heat pump.

“WaterFurnace is really trying to make a name in the commercial side of HVAC,” said Tim Litton, director of marketing communications, WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. “Our product line has expanded, and we’re working on creating stronger relationships with more top-tier reps so that we’re represented in more areas throughout the U.S.”


The WaterFurnace WC Modular Scroll Chiller is designed for commercial and industrial applications. Its R-410A dual scroll compressors provide high efficiency and exceptional capacity control while the modular cabinet design is appropriate for multiple chiller bank installations. The optional six-pipe header rack (available in models up to 50 ton) enables the system to provide simultaneous heating and cooling in multiple applications.

The unit also features large, oversized stainless steel interlaced copper-brazed plate water-to-refrigerant heat exchangers; a convenient user interface display that provides ease of service and installation; a four-way reversing valve; two-way isolation valves; and more.

The unit can achieve full-load performance up to 16.8 EER and part-load performance to 22.4 IPLV.

“This unit can do simultaneous heating and cooling,” Litton said. “Because it’s modular, you can isolate it from the bank of chillers, so if you need to perform maintenance or repairs on the equipment, you don’t have to take the entire chiller bank. You can isolate the unit and keep the water flowing. A version is coming out that will utilize dual screw compressors, which makes it fully variable speed. Additionally, the unit is expansion ready. If you know the facility it’s going in is going to expand over time, you can pipe in the racks and simply add the equipment on.”

The WC Modular Scroll Chiller is also small in stature.

“Regarding its footprint — the unit is small enough to fit between normal doorways,” said Laura Harris, marketing project manager, WaterFurnace. “For retrofit jobs, you don’t have to tear out entire walls to get the chiller inside the building.”


The Versatec packaged water-source rooftop unit exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2013 requirements for rooftops with economizers. The Versatec Rooftop is a ‘clean sheet’ design and combines modern plenum fan technology, Aurora controls, and economizer integration into a powerful platform of efficiency, flexibility, and integrated technology.

The unit offers a range of load capacities and is available in 3- to 6- and 8- to 30-ton sizes in three different cabinet sizes. All models utilize scroll compressors in dual capacity 3-6 ton or two single compressors on independent circuits. Aurora UPC direct digital controls (DDC) utilize BACnet, N2, or LON protocols, which allow it to tie into a building automation system (BAS) smoothly. Additionally, its all-aluminum air coils are sealed with an optional AlumiSeal™ coating.

“This unit does carry our Aurora advanced communicating controls,” Litton said. “This control platform started in our residential side and now carries over to our commercial side. It allows for things like performance, energy, and refrigeration monitoring. It also features two-way communication between components and the ability to jump online for energy management.”


The WaterFurnace line of commercial variable capacity water-source and geothermal systems offers exceptional efficiency in a small cabinet. The 10- and 15-ton commercial units feature Aurora Advanced Controls with true energy, refrigeration, and optional performance monitoring as well as the optional Aurora UPC DDC controls to integrate into a BAS.

With a capacity range of 25-100 percent, the WaterFurnace variable capacity system will scale its output to deliver what a building actually needs, maximizing occupant comfort levels.

“We’re proud the variable-speed technology is making its way into the commercial line,” Litton said. “Because it is variable speed, it offers a lot of load matching and better control over the temperature in temperature-critical areas. It has a true DC motor and inverter technology, which allows users to scale up and down from 20 percent to 100 percent capacity.”


WaterFurnace is indeed excited the federal geothermal tax credits were extended via the continuing resolution. However, Litton said geothermal technology stands on its own, with or without an incentive.

“Because the tax credits were around for a number of years, we actually have several customers who haven’t sold geothermal equipment without them,” he said. “We’re focusing on trying to make sure they have the messaging and tools necessary to communicate geothermal’s message, with or without tax incentives.

“Even without a tax credit, geothermal makes financial sense,” Litton continued. “It’s harder and takes longer for that payback, but it’s still there. The loop can last 200 years in the ground.

“We look at a 50 year life-cycle cost as you can get at least two units off that loop,” he continued. “At the end of that 50 years, in the Indiana area, for example, you’d be up around $60,000 for a return on investment.”  

Publication date: 2/26/2018