At its recent 2017 Global Sales Conference, the company introduced its eco-Air™ Series of dry and adiabatic products. For a company that built its reputation on the wet side of the industry, it was a bit of a turn.

But, this change in the company did not come suddenly — it’s been about eight years in the making.

Bill Bartley, Evapco president and CEO, related the company to hockey great Wayne Gretzky. When Gretzky was asked in an interview why he was so good, the Hall of Famer replied that he skated to where the puck was “going” to be. Evapco is taking a page out of Gretzky’s book by going to where they believe the market will be expanding.

In 2009, Evapco purchased a company in Denmark to begin this journey to the dry side of the industry.

“We were not in dry cooled products, but we thought we could get to know the products in those markets under the radar,” Bartley said. “We have been in that business in a small way in Denmark. We are now globalizing it.

“In their selling efforts, our reps now have a complete spectrum product approach by being able to offer solutions to customers with no bias as to what is best,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter to them if a system design moves toward dry, evaporative, or hybrid; Evapco reps have all the solutions.”

Evapco’s eco-Air Series of dry and adiabatic products provide flexibility in a wide range of capacities, footprints, motor types, and controls. From the smallest factory-assembled evaporative coolers to the largest field-erected air-cooled steam condensers, Evapco offers heat transfer products designed to meet the water and energy requirements for any project.

The eco-Air family of products provides a range of heat transfer solutions with minimal or no water use with V-coil or flat-coil configurations. The series includes eco-Air Series Dry Coolers, eco-Air Series Air Cooled Condensers, and eco-Air Series Adiabatic Coolers and Condensers

“The world is changing,” said Jamie Facius, vice president, North America sales, Evapco. “Water is becoming more critical with shortages and drought conditions. We are positioning ourselves for that future with these dry and adiabatic units that can conserve a lot of water.”


There was record attendance at the sales conference — a total of 650 attendees from 34 countries. The event was titled, “Full Spectrum Global Solutions.”

“We have an international global sales conference every three to four years,” Bartley said. “We always have a reason for a meeting in the form of new product introduction. It seems to propel the company to a new level of success as we introduce new products and new markets.  The camaraderie and team building is also a real benefit. It’s a big investment by the company, but we think it’s time well spent.”

In addition to the new product launch, one of the highlights of the event was a keynote speech by Ross Shafer. Shafer is a comedian and TV host turned leadership speaker. He told the audience that being aggressive in your business is always relevant.

“I see a lot of organizations that are just trying to get by,” he said. “They’re waiting for the economy to turn around or for legislation to change. You need to go out in the marketplace and shake it up. That’s what will win for you.”

He urged the audience that if they had an idea, then launch it. The herd — customers — will tell you what is right and what is wrong about it.

“That is what Evapco is doing here,” Shafer said. “If you don’t launch an idea quickly in this market, you’ll be last. And nobody wants to be last. We’ve all launched ideas that are bad. As long as you trust what the herd is telling you and adapt to that, you’ll be fine. Innovate before the competitors catch up.”

The conference ended with a lunch at the new 160,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Taneytown, Maryland, where the new products will be produced.

“As demand for the product takes off, we will expand further,” Facius said.

During the event, the company gave away a new Tesla Model S75 to one of the sales representatives in attendance via random drawing. Bartley announced Dr. Avi Shalev from Krashin-Shalev Metal Industries Ltd. in Barkan Ind. Park, Israel, who has been working with Evapco for 20 years, as the lucky winner of the car.   

Publication date: 11/13/2017

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