No longer thought of as only temporary solutions, portable heating and cooling units continue to evolve and grow into new markets and applications [read more on Page 1]. These units now span the gamut in size and capacity from small, personal-use residential units all the way up to large industrial-sized units intended for use in automobile and other industrial facilities. Here’s a look at some of the latest portable heating and cooling products now available on the market.


Cool-Space’s CHILL200 is an efficient, compact evaporative cooler capable of providing cooling comfort indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go. The product’s simple three-step operation coupled with a low-maintenance, pad-free design provide years of low-cost, trouble-free use. Its lightweight, low-voltage construction enables unmatched indoor, outdoor, on-the-go portability. Patented Flow Blurring® technology atomizes water into uniform micro-droplets that are flash-evaporated to reduce the temperature of the exiting airflow. Additionally, the low-voltage design consumes less than 60 W and can be used with the optional 12-V DC power cord.


For conditioned air in specific areas, Friedrich portable air conditioning appliances offer convenience and mobility given there’s no installation required. Although they require venting, Friedrich’s powerful dual-hose options can deliver several benefits, including air conditioning, dehumidification, air circulation, and heating capabilities. These units are ideal for bedrooms, garages, dorm rooms, or home offices. Larger dual-hose models offer cooling from 8,000-13,500 Btuh and heating from 10,700 Btuh.


Koldwave’s Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner is simple to install and operate, offering customers a cooling capacity of 61,000 Btuh. Rugged, yet quiet, the air-cooled 6KK61 performs well in just about any application, including emergency cooling in hospitals or data centers. The product features automatic re-start after power interruptions, compressor off-timer to prevent short cycling, separate direct-drive fan motors, spot-cool and room-cool thermostat settings (sizes 14-92), refrigerant system high-pressure switch (sizes 14-92), thermostatic control with multi-speed fan, heavy-duty twin-wheel lockable casters for portability, and a power cord with arc fault protection. The unit is also internally insulated with fiberglass insulation.


With its full-featured design, high-sensible cooling, and balanced air system, the KIB2421 is the perfect solution for cooling small server and IDF rooms. The Iceberg Series is quick and easy with its plug-and-play technology, small size, big performance, and several additional features. All Iceberg Series units come standard with I/O Integral Condenser Dual Ducting that provides isolated and balanced air pressure within the space for maximum cooling efficiency. The KIB2421 runs on a standard 230-V/20-A circuit with automatic restart after a power failure. The unit comes with an internal high lift condensate pump and a 5-gallon exterior condensate tank with a float-activated unit cutoff for short-term use. The unit also includes KwiKool’s Exclusive I/O Integral Condenser, where both inlet and outlets are ductable without costly and bulky add-on kits. Additionally, the unit features multifunction microprocessor control with a large, easy-to-read display; self-diagnostics that include an audible alarm and an LCD visual display readout for system fault conditions; input/output alarm contacts for connection to building systems; internal high lift condensate pumps and a 5-gallon reservoir tank for total condensate flexibility; condensate overflow protection; and three fan speeds.


The Climate Pro™ 18 portable unit combines both cooling and heating capabilities in a single, self-contained unit. The unit features a high cooling capacity of 14,600 Btuh combined with a heating capacity of 13,700 Btuh and a minimum operating temperature with a plenum of 24°F.

The Climate Pro 18 makes air conditioning and heating solutions a breeze through its self-contained, portable design. No costly installation is necessary so the Climate Pro 18 can simply be wheeled in, plugged into a standard 115-V/20-A power source, and switched on.


The Portacool Jetstream™ 260 is a portable evaporative cooler designed to provide powerful cooling and significant airflow with 12,500 cfm for areas up to 3,000 square feet. With built-in handles and heavy-duty casters, the cooler provides easy mobility for a variety of work environments. Additionally, the Jetstream 260 is equipped with KUUL Comfort™ evaporative media to provide maximum cooling comfort.   

Publication date: 7/3/2017

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