LAS VEGAS — On Sunday, Jan. 29, Modine Manufacturing Co., Racine, Wisconsin, held an industry event at Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was there that they discussed what’s going on with Modine and what they look forward to in 2017. Modine recently acquired Luvata, a manufacturer of coils, coolers, and coatings. Newly appointed vice president, Scott Miller, seemed optimistic and energized by the acquisition. “It’s a very important step for the company. We’ve been talking about ‘how do we grow,’ and this was an important step for us. We’re always trying to grow the business with what makes sense for us and what are additive to what we already do. We’re very excited for this partnership with Luvata,” said Miller.

Furthermore, Modine is excited to unveil its new GeoSync geothermal unit. They say they took their knowledge and put together a product they are very excited about. With an air to water unit, they find heat pumps in general are the direction the industry is going toward, so they wanted to create a product that fit into this direction. Its innovation tour for 2017 kicked off that night, and Modine hopes to have even more success with it than last year.

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