ORLANDO, Fla. — Industry experts and building professionals had a rousing discussion about creating agile buildings in today’s constantly changing world at Johnson Controls Inc. roundtable breakfast Tuesday morning.

Attendees talked about the changes in technology the industry has seen over the past few years as well as how that technology has been driving not only building efficiency, but the labor force as well.

“I think the workforce is making us adapt to that actually,” said Nazee Haglund, vice president, integrated systems product management, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls. “The newer generation of people out there below 30, they have grown up with clicking a couple things on their phone and it tells them where to go — they don’t look at maps. And the same thing happens when they go into the workforce. It needs to tell them what to do. The way we have made technology available has changed the way people are now behaving, so as we go forward with our HVAC equipment, building automation, smart buildings, we’ve got to put that in. The newer generation does not like going through 500 pages of manual. We’ve got a workforce of impatient people; it’s just an impatient generation. They really want quick answers.”