HVAC manufacturers offer a variety of equipment designed to help make hospitality and health care institutions more comfortable. From building automation systems, chillers, compressors, temperature control valves, and more, here’s a look at some of the equipment commercial contractors working in this sector may want to consider.


Daikin Applied offers the Magnitude chiller in a 1,500-ton size, which makes it well-suited for hospitals and other large commercial applications. It features oil-free, magnetic-bearing compressor technology that is designed to reduce energy and operating costs while delivering high levels of reliability and energy efficiency as well as quiet operation. The oil-free technology reduces maintenance costs because there are no conventional bearings or oil-management systems. For mission-critical applications, such as hospitals, the Magnitude chiller features an exclusive RideThrough™ feature that enables it to maintain compressor rotation in the event of momentary power loss. RideThrough makes it possible for the chiller to virtually eliminate the impact of short-duration power failures by catching the spinning motor rotor and returning immediately to the original pre-power loss capacity. In addition, the Magnitude chiller includes dual compressors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) for redundancy, allowing it to operate at 60 percent capacity on one compressor.


AB-QM™ pressure-independent temperature control valves from Danfoss are designed to improve patient comfort and reduce energy use by HVAC systems. AB-QM valves compensate for pressure variations by performing a continual balancing function, even at varying loads. The precise flow provided by AB-QM helps to achieve desired delta T, eliminate over-pumping, and prevent energizing additional chillers. With a compact design, the AB-QM is well-suited for retrofits and tight spaces, such as inside air-handling units.


The Copeland™ Next Gen C-Series Compressor for Ice from Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. is geared toward the hospitality industry, or any business with ice machines. Rigorous product development was done to optimize the performance and efficiency of the ice cycle, with ice machine testing to validate the engineering design. The compressor will be offered in 12 models ranging 10,000 Btuh to 20,000 Btuh. It will be qualified for R-404A and R-448A upon customer request, in both single- and three-phase operation.


The DVM R600 is the latest version of Honeywell Digital Video Manager (DVM) smart surveillance technology. The unit’s designed to deliver heightened levels of security with enterprise-wide integrated protection and enhanced system access and usability. Users can now access high-definition, full-frame-rate video on a mobile device, enabling continuous monitoring from almost any location. In addition, operators can control the DVM using voice commands to more easily manage multiple video feeds and request near-real-time system updates. According to Honeywell, these new features further bolster the DVM R600’s applicability for hospitals and other health care facilities where managing organization-wide security efficiently and effectively is a top objective.


Johnson Controls Inc. offers Healthcare Environment Optimization (HEO), which integrates a hospital’s building automation system (BAS) with surgery schedules to reduce HVAC costs and improve energy efficiency when an operating room is not in use. HEO translates and routes data from surgery scheduling to the BAS and determines whether surgery or standby HVAC system modes should be used. When the system is in surgery mode, it achieves a minimum number of air changes every hour to meet ASHRAE, American Institute of Architects (AIA), and local regulatory standards. In standby mode, air exchanges are lowered by 25 percent during occupied periods while differential pressures are maintained, resulting in energy savings and reduced operating costs.


The City Multi® L-Generation air-source outdoor unit from Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division is a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) unit that features HexiCoil™ technology, a zinc-aluminum flat-tube heat exchanger that maximizes heat transfer capability through its unique fin shape. According to Mitsubishi, the unit has a 30 percent smaller footprint than previous models, making it well-suited for tight mechanical spaces.


Siemens Building TechnologiesDesigo CC Building Management Station is designed to provide optimized monitoring and control of integrated smart buildings, fire and life safety, lighting, building automation, and power and energy systems. It incorporates real-time video for event verification. According to Siemens, the Desigo CC building management station is well-suited for use in new or retrofit applications in all health care facilities and can adapt as needed over time.

SIDEBAR: Trane PTACs Earn Winning in Sleep Partner Designation

Trane, an Ingersoll Rand brand, has been named a Winning in Sleep Partner by the InterContinental Hotels Group. The announcement was made at the 2015 InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Owner’s Conference, held Oct. 1-2 in San Francisco.

IHG awarded the Winning in Sleep Partner designation to conference participants that showcased products and services designed to help provide a better night’s sleep for hotel guests.

Trane introduced its ProSpace™ packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) at the conference.

“ProSpace PTACs help hospitality business owners create an environment that meets the comfort and sleep needs of guests,” said Jerad Adams, product manager, Trane.

To learn more about Trane ProSpace PTAC, visit trane.com/prospace.

Publication date: 11/2/2015

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