ST. LOUIS — Vibration and Seismic Technologies (VST) has been awarded an exclusive license to manufacture and market the Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing products previously manufactured by Loos & Co. The product line is used to brace a range of non-structural building components, including HVAC equipment. The cable bracing line is said to meet all current building codes and standards.

The patented cable bracing system was developed by Dan Duggan Sr. and Mike Werner of Duggan-Werner Inc., which has granted the exclusive license to VST. In addition to offering the Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing product line and associated tools, VST also offers seismic engineering services for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing construction projects.

“I’m very excited about what VST brings to the table, both from a product development and customer support standpoint,” said Duggan, president of Duggan-Werner and a partner in VST. “Customers will immediately see improvements to the product line, and will now have access to valuable engineering services not offered by the previous manufacturer.”

All VST seismic bracing products are UL listed and comply with the International Building Code and its referenced standards, including ASCE 19-10, which prohibits the use of cable clips and wedge type end fittings that can loosen and damage the cable over time.

According to VST, the company’s cable bracing system can save HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing contractors time, money, and effort compared to bracing with strut or pipe. And because the cable weighs only a fraction of strut or pipe, the system can also significantly reduce shipping costs.

VST will sell the cable bracing system through select original equipment manufacturers, as well as through manufacturer’s representatives and distributors. The company is currently seeking sales reps and distributors in several areas. For more information, call 844-734-7642 or visit

Publication date: 9/25/2015

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