A series of geothermal heat pumps from Enertech Global swept the HVAC Light Commercial Equipment category of the 2015 Dealer Design Awards, starting with the gold award winner, the TVS/TVT TETCO Commercial Series Geothermal Heat Pump.

“Research on the product began around two years ago, and it was designed basically out of customer demand and from contractor input. Contractors wanted a small, compact, well-built machine,” said Steve Smith, president and CEO, Enertech Global.

With more and more geothermal heat pumps hitting the marketplace, Smith said it’s the compressor mount that sets the TVS/TVT pump apart from its competition.

“The compressor mount helps us isolate that compressor from the base of the mount. Elastomeric anti-vibration mounting quiets it down to the point where it is super quiet,” said Smith. “The concept was to build a quiet and efficient unit that, even at a single speed, could meet Energy Star requirements. The physical size and footprint are both critical, but height was also important.”

One contractor in the field, Ryan Recker, director, UMS, United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Grandview, Missouri, said this heat pump is great because of its small size and the ability to put it into areas that other units can’t really fit.

“It’s simple to use and understand,” said Recker. “The wiring is all right there, the board is right there, and the setup is easy and not overly complicated. I recommend the TVS/TVT Heat Pump to other contractors and keep plenty of them in stock and ready to go.”

According to company reps, the TVS/TVT features a hinged control box that can swing out/up for mid-height component access and for added convenience while doing service work in the control box itself. An inner front panel allows for refrigerant and electrical service work while the unit is operational. This feature enables proper operation of the electronically commutated motor (ECM) blower, maintaining airflow during set up and maintenance. All cabinet panels are also removable for easy component access.

Enertech plans to continue enhancing and expanding the product in the future with a greater variety of size options.

“We are actually moving toward 4-, 5-, and possibly 6-ton units in the same family to complete that line,” said Smith. That will eventually lead to the horizontal commercial side, as well. Enertech has been a residential and very light commercial equipment manufacturer, and now we are growing the line to be full-scale commercial.”


The HVS/HVT Hydron Module Geothermal Heat Pump earned the silver award.

According to Enertech, this compact vertical packaged geothermal system is built for drop-in installation. Its small footprint and enhanced serviceability features make it an ideal solution for multifamily, industrial, institutional, and commercial retrofit or new construction applications. It is available with either a single- or two-stage compressor.

An all-aluminum microchannel air coil comes standard and improves heat transfer and thermal performance, resulting in increased unit efficiency. The single-material construction eliminates coil failure caused by formicary corrosion. A flat wound enhanced surface coaxial heat exchanger improves heat transfer and efficiency.

The HVS/HVT has an optional factory-installed desuperheater (hot water generator) that allows the capture of free, unused heat to warm domestic water. An external hot water disable switch simplifies unit maintenance.

A contractor judge in this category said “Enertech clearly involved technicians in the design features allowing for easy installation and maintenance.”

“The two-stage compressor and circulation mode are excellent standard options,” said a different contractor judge.


The GVS/GVT GeoComfort Commercial Series Compact Vertical Packaged Geothermal Heat Pump went through over 20 months of research and design before its introduction to the marketplace on Aug. 18, 2014. The product earned the bronze award in the HVAC Light Commercial Equipment category.

Enertech believes the GVS/GVT will have a significant impact on the condominium market. According to the company, a very large percentage of condos in the southern states utilize water-source heat pumps and cooling towers to reject heat. The GVS/GVT will give condo owners a previously unavailable option for a high-efficiency, low-cost replacement unit.


Enertech Global
TVS/TVT TETCO Commercial Series Geothermal Heat Pump

Enertech Global
HVS/HVT Hydron Module
Geothermal Heat Pump

Enertech Global
GVS/GVT GeoComfort Commercial Series Compact Vertical Packaged Geothermal Heat Pump

Publication date: 7/20/2015

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