A.O. Smith Corp.: Gas Water HeaterCompany: A.O. Smith Corp.

Product: ProMax Direct Vent

Description: Redesigned to utilize improvements to the Power Vent line, the standard input ProMax Direct Vent product is outfitted with 2-inch foam insulation. The improved design offers energy factors (EF) of up to 0.60. Available in 40-, 50- and 75-gallon capacities, the ProMax Direct Vent comes with a standard factory-supplied kit with several adjustable venting features that can expand up to 80 feet, making installation simple and convenient in a wide range of applications. With its one-pipe, dual-channel closed system, the unit draws clean air from outside the home. Units are Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR)-compliant.

Contact: 800-527-1953; www.hotwater.com

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