As technology continues to advance, more and more industry mobile applications are becoming available for smartphones and tablets. These mobile apps can be valuable tools for HVACR customers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

Here at The NEWS, we will be spotlighting several of these mobile apps each month. If you have an app you would like included in the App Zone, please complete our online submission form. If you have any questions, please email


Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell LyricCompany: Honeywell Intl. Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: July 2014

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: With the Lyric app, homeowners can control their Honeywell Lyric thermostat to adjust their home’s temperature to life as it happens, wherever they are. Using geofencing technology, the app knows when the user is away from home and adjusts the temperature to help save energy; it also senses the user’s return to help make them comfortable as they arrive. Shortcuts save the user time by replacing heavy menu-driven controls, and Smart Cues help ensure on-time maintenance for ideal system operation. Lyric’s geofence uses your smartphone’s location to set back temperature while the user is out and make it cozy when they’re home. The app’s Fine Tune temperature control maximizes comfort by considering temperature and humidity.

Quote: “Great. For the people trying to get the geo working, you need to make sure you turn the privacy on so [it] will use your location. Love the app and the stat.” — Jeffrey Barron, Google Play review


Green Badger LEED® Documentation 

Green Badger LEED® DocumentationCompany: Green Badger

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: March 2014

Cost: Free to download; annual subscription is $189.99 per user for a limited time only.

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The Green Badger app gives the user instantaneous LEED® v3 documentation and verification at his or her fingertips. Green Badger LEED Documentation is a convenient way for those working on LEED projects to document and verify LEED construction credits directly from a smartphone or tablet. The cross-platform, cloud-based solution reduces head banging, cuts out paperwork, instantly verifies VOC [volatile organic compound] content, provides real-time updates to team members and owners of LEED construction credits for an unlimited number of projects, and exports reports and backup suitable for LEED-credit documentation.

Quote: “I understand the complexities and confusions that are associated with the LEED process. After documenting more than 60 LEED projects, I wanted to find a better way to streamline the process for LEED accreditation so that becoming accredited is less arduous for professionals in the construction industry. Talking to all these professionals assured me that this app and software will revolutionize the way we see LEED documentation in the future.” — Tommy Linstroth, principal, Green Badger LLC


Smart-Sense Room Control

Smart-Sense Room ControlCompany: Distech Controls

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Released: August 2014

Cost: Free

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The Smart-Sense Room Control app allows occupants to view and set comfort parameters, such as temperature, fan speed, lighting, shades/sunblind, and occupancy. Studies have demonstrated an increase in employee productivity of an additional 9 percent when occupants were provided with this control over their environmental settings. Smart-Sense Room Control also features the innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern, engaging occupants and promoting energy-efficient behaviors by providing immediate real-time visualization as to the energy efficiency of a setting. Moreover, this app contributes to making buildings greener, as it addresses the requirements of LEED® Credit 6.2: Controllability of Systems—Thermal Comfort.

Quote: “At Distech Controls, we strive for innovative ways to help make life that much easier for those looking to achieve energy and operational efficiencies. These new apps do just that by directly putting control into the hands of a variety of users, allowing them to access and optimize HVAC system settings and influence their environments for improved comfort from anywhere at any time. We are proud to offer these solutions to our network of partners and end users and are confident that they will serve as a cornerstone for future mobile innovations.” — Etienne Veilleux, president and CEO, Distech Controls


Geothermal Glycol Calculator

Geothermal Glycol CalculatorCompany: TTHERM GEO

Platform(s): Android mobile devices

Updated: July 2014

Cost: Free

Where to download: Google Play and

Description: TTHERM GEO’s Android app does a variety of antifreeze calculations relative to geothermal and hydronic applications. The Geothermal Glycol Calculator app has four different calculators built in — a system volume calculator, antifreeze calculator, antifreeze concentration calculator, and antifreeze adjustment calculator. The loop volume calculator helps quickly calculate total system volume by inputting the linear feet of each size and type of tubing used and any header piping and/or buffer tanks, fan coils, or other components in the system. This calculator works for radiant floor systems, geothermal loop fields, and hydronic systems, so calculations can be done in seconds, right at the job site. The antifreeze calculator allows the user to quickly determine the amount of antifreeze and bleach to add for proper protection. The Antifreeze Concentration Calculator helps analyze under- or over-protected systems and prescribe how much antifreeze to add or solution to remove.

Quote: “This app works great and is a big time saver in the field. It seems accurate and eliminates a lot of complicated math to adjust antifreeze concentration.” — Dale Halgren, Google Play review


Emerson e-Saver™

Emerson e-Saverâ?¢Company: Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: June 2013

Cost: Free

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: Emerson e-Saver™ provides on-the-go calculations for residential contractors analyzing forced-air HVAC system conversion options. Contractors input current system efficiency standards along with their considered replacement option for comparison. The e-Saver app allows for these system options to be compared to current industry minimum standards as well as a high-efficiency heat pump featuring the Copeland Scroll® variable-speed compressor. App users can choose their locations to define run hours, calculate cost savings for both heating and cooling, compare various fossil fuel costs, input their own replacement systems for comparison, input up to three replacement options, and send customized email PDF files to customers.

Quote: “Very handy to show to customers.” — Phillip McAllister, Google Play review


Decibel 10th

Decibel 10thCompany: SkyPaw Co. Ltd.

Platform(s): Apple mobile devices

Updated: July 2014

Cost: Free

Where to download: iTunes and

Description: Decibel 10th turns your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into a professional sound meter, precisely measuring the sound pressure level all around you. App features include a display of the average, peak, and max noise values; quick reference text to help the user compare noise levels with real-life examples; the ability to plot average values, record, and export data to email, reset max values, calibrate measurements; and more.

Quote: “I needed to be able to test my machinery for noise levels, and this app worked perfectly.” — Todd’s Cleaning Service, iTunes review

Publication date: 8/18/2014