WALTHAM, Mass. — Ilios Inc., a subsidiary of Tecogen® Inc., announced it has signed a manufacturers’ representative agreement with Sam DeSanto Co. Inc. (SDCI), a Mid-Atlantic based HVAC and plumbing equipment supplier. Concurrent with the signing of the agreement, SDCI placed an order for an Ilios water-source high-efficiency water heater.

The Ilios unit is planned for installation at Landstown High School, Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ (VBCPS) Governor’s STEM and Technology Academy. The unit will supply thermal energy for the school’s hot water systems (HVAC heating and reheat) while simultaneously chilling water to maintain comfortable temperatures and dehumidification in the building. Ilios said the product is uniquely designed to operate in this configuration; that is, its advanced thermodynamic cycle enables it to extract thermal energy from the occupied spaces and deliver that energy (through the heat pump cycle) at an elevated temperature to the school’s hot water system. Under design conditions, each Btu of fuel will deliver three units of energy to the school — one in the form of air conditioning and two as hot water, thereby tripling the efficiency of the current system.

By installing the Ilios system, an estimated savings of $35,000-$40,000 per year is expected for the school. In addition to the monetary benefits, the school will reduce its carbon footprint by offsetting the inefficient boiler and chiller plant. A reduction in criteria pollutants (compounds contributing to smog) is also realized by leveraging Tecogen’s proprietary after-treatment system.

SDCI is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and services the Washington, District of Columbia; Maryland; Virginia; western Tennessee; and southern Delaware areas.

“We are very excited to include the Ilios products in our offering,” said Jeff DeSanto, president of SDCI. “We believe this is truly the next step or should I say leap in efficiency for commercial water heating. Our territory has many opportunities for this type of product, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship going forward.”

“Ilios products address markets and applications that are outside of typical Tecogen sales channels for cogeneration and chiller equipment,” said Robert Panora, Tecogen’s president and chief operating officer. “Where cogeneration and chillers produce the most savings in high-electric cost environments, Ilios products can provide a solution regardless of the electric rate, and can also be highly beneficial in rural regions where natural gas is not available due to the ability to run on propane. The water-source version of the Ilios product is especially suited to this region as they often have simultaneous heating and cooling needs in most institutional and hospitality facilities. The added benefit of the free cooling is really the exclamation point on the sell to the customer. We are excited for this new relationship, and look forward to more installations in the Mid-Atlantic region.”

For more information about Ilios, visit www.iliosdynamics.com.

For more information about Tecogen, visit www.tecogen.com.

Publication date: 8/11/2014

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