Havaco Technologies Inc.’s Quick Connect Ceiling Diffuser with Register Boot received the gold award in the 2014 Dealer Design Awards Ventilation Products category. Havaco Technologies Inc.’s diffuser is an all-in-one ceiling vent featuring a 12-inch diffuser, 8-inch register boot, and what it calls an easy-attach install kit. The diffusers are available in four models: square or round low profile and square or round in the Capital Crown Molding style. The register boots also come in a 6-inch size, and an 8-, 7-, and 6-inch reducing boot, too. Several different pre-installed dampers are available, including an 8-inch butterfly, 6-inch rotary, and 8-inch rotary damper. According to the company —

which was formerly known as DuraTite Systems — the register boot attaches to the ceiling, regardless of the thickness, with the manufacturer’s four Quick Zips. It requires one person to install, and the easy-attach knob feature is said to eliminate the need for a drill.

Available for both supply and return vents, the Quick Connect Ceiling Diffuser is designed for bathroom exhaust ports as well as residential and commercial projects in both new construction and retrofit.

“The high-impact plastic diffuser won’t dent or rust. The diffusers are easily painted to match any decor and special order custom graphic diffusers are also available,” said Jim Karnes, CEO, Havaco Technologies Inc. “Specifically, but not limited to, the food service and medical industries, which require monthly or even weekly cleaning of the ceiling diffusers, this design simplifies the removal and cleaning process and cuts the time significantly.”

Company representatives invested two years of design research through conducted sampling. The company also had contractor and distributor discussions at several trade shows and distributed online questionnaires. In the future, company representatives expect to be adding additional styles of ceiling diffusers as well as exploring improvements and new products for floor and wall register applications.

Silver Winner

Field Controls LLC’s FAS-6 features a new Healthy Home System™ Control (HHSC+). The Fresh Air Damper is a motor-driven damper activated by the HHSC+. When there is a call for fresh air, the HHSC+ opens the damper, allowing fresh air to enter the HVAC return. When the HHSC+ is satisfied, the damper is closed. The control monitors the central fan activity and engages the fan on a regular schedule to keep air that is fresh, clean, and pure circulating throughout the entire home, even during times when heating or cooling aren’t occurring.

It is set by the contractor and works independently of the thermostat. The new control has features that enable it to automatically adjust to environmental changes, increasing or inhibiting fresh-air intake based on conditions inside and outside the
home. If the outside air is too hot, cold, or humid, the optional eSensor communicates with the control to prevent the Fresh Air Damper from opening.

The control is also capable of interacting with other appliances, sensors, and fans to adjust the amount and frequency of fresh-air changes based on the needs of the house. When connected to a CO? sensor, the control will open the damper and bring in fresh dilution air on demand. When connected to range vent hoods or clothes dryers, the control will open the damper to prevent the home from going negative. It can also work in conjunction with exhaust fans to automatically provide scheduled, balanced ventilation.

Applications of the FAS-6 include residential home or office with forced-air ductwork and a central fan.

Publication date: 7/21/2014

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