Panasonic Heating and Air Conditioning: Variable-Refrigerant Flow SystemsThe ECOi EX Series includes variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) multi-zone, heat pump, and heat recovering systems. The two-way mini ECOi is a two-pipe heat pump designed for commercial and premium residential applications and is available in two sizes. For buildings requiring simultaneous heating and cooling, the three-way system provides the perfect solution, said the company. The heat recovery system in the three-way series offers stabilization of the air temperature by providing all the features of a heat pump system. The system also offers the added flexibility of simultaneous cooling and heating from one refrigerant pipe network. Features include a dual large-capacity invertor compressor; combined triple-surface heat exchanger; curved bell mouth, which ensures smooth exhaust flow; and intelligent controls, which ensure individual zone temperature control. According to the manufacturer, the high 80-Pascal external static pressure maintains performance in wind, making it ideal for large high-rise buildings.

Panasonic Heating and Air Conditioning

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