The NEWS was very busy at the AHR Expo in New York City, visiting as many booths as possible in search of new products. Below is a comprehensive list of all the contractor services and software products we found on the show floor.

A&E Specialties Inc. introduced its updated TurboPro software for managing inventory, payroll, accounting, sales, and more. Users can easily track sales and expenses, pay bills, print checks, and create vendor and customer invoices. The program also lets the user load PDF documents and attach files, specifications, plans, submittals, and more into the job for view across the network.

Account Ability Consulting Inc. showcased the Intuit Field Service Management software to help service businesses spend less time on paperwork and more time making money. The software lets field service teams create invoices at the job site, accept COD, process payments immediately, and then sync it into QuickBooks. The software also handles payroll, dispatch, and service agreements.

Armstrong Fluid Technology unveiled its ADEPT pump selection software program. ADEPT is an intuitive, easy-to-use, highly visual program that works on multiple devices and platforms. Based on Voice-of-the-Customer research, ADEPT allows users to select a range of equipment as well as organize schedules, and source submittals and specifications.

Building Automation Products Inc. showcased its Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) food safety software, which monitors and logs food temperatures automatically. WAM Remote allows users to monitor wireless sensors/transmitters from various popular Web browsers.

Building Robotics displayed the Comfy intelligent software for personalized temperature in the workplace. The software facilitates a relationship between people and their workspaces by providing instant streams of warm or cool air to people while also using machine learning in the background to reduce energy use. It can be installed quickly, connecting to an existing building’s hardware and software, providing users with a simple Web and mobile interface.

BuiltSpace Technologies Corp. allows the user to effectively manage proactive and reactive maintenance, ensure accurate and complete information is delivered in real time and is location-specific, and provides multiple ways to communicate, depending on their audience. BuiltSpace’s QR code system functionality allows a user to be more efficient with equipment-specific information in the field by scanning for service history, user manuals, schematics, start-up and shutdown instructions, photos, and more.

Burr Oak Tool Inc. introduced its OAK Technology Seminar Series, an educational partnership featuring presentations, white papers, and webinars. The first two live presentations, titled “Coil Evolution: Smaller Diameter Coil Production” and “Effective Coil Manufacturing,” were well received at the expo. White papers for both topics will be available soon, and webinars on each topic will be presented in 2014. Other topics pertinent to the HVAC manufacturing industry will be presented at future trade shows and webinars.

Construction Industry Solutions Corp. displayed its COINS Portal Framework, which allows users to create their own secure portal applications and define what the stakeholder has access to on the portal. COINS Portal Framework allows users to build off the data already entered in COINS and grants access via a secure portal providing a construction company’s customers, subcontractors, and employees with access to information through a secure portal. The COINS Portal is part of the fully integrated COINS Web-based ERP software and enablement platform that puts the power into the hands of its customers.

Contemporary Control Systems Inc. exhibited its BASgatewayLX, designed to simplify Modbus to BACnet/IP integration. The company said BASgatewayLX can make devices BACnet complaint. Up to 30 Modbus devices can share a single Modbus port. Virtual routing allows each connected Modbus device to appear as an individual BACnet-compliant device.

Cooper-Atkins Corp. released version 5.0 of its software for its TempTrak enterprise wireless monitoring system. Version 5.0 includes new, customizable viewing options, scheduled reporting features, and mobile support. It offers a user-friendly interface and high-tech navigation system. High-level system metrics can be viewed, searched, and sorted directly from the dashboard. Enhanced schedule reporting provides automatic delivery of reports via email and/or file share and exporting is now available in a range of formats. The new EZLink mobile support option allows access to a wireless TempTrak system through any mobile device.

Cylon Energy Inc. showed an energy management system for buildings that is BACnet compatible. The Cylon BACnet uses UniPuts™ for flexible point configuration to maximize utilization of controller capacity along with flexibility in strategy changes.

Databasics Inc. displayed its TechAnywhere software for tablets, which allows technicians to electronically fill out job tickets as they currently do — with a pen (stylus) and on a form similar to those already used by the technicians. Also available for Android-based devices, TechAnywhere software allows a tech to send and receive work order updates anywhere he or she goes. Because TechAnywhere software for tablet PCs emulates the paperwork orders that technicians are used to, the learning curve is greatly reduced, which allows firms to quickly implement this solution.

Dexter+Chaney exhibited its Spectrum construction software designed specifically for mechanical and HVACR contractors. Spectrum’s flexible and specialized service management functions are combined with construction management capabilities into one fully integrated system. By linking operations and financial activities, processes can be simplified; automated information flows to those who need it, and customers are better served. Spectrum was designed to help every user across an organization to save steps, time, simplify processes, and take advantage of greater visibility and control.

DGLogik Inc. showcased its DGBox software stack, which consists of a state-of-the-art SCADA system and the award-winning visualization platform, DGLux. All configuration and setup is done through a standard Web browser. The product enables plug-and-play deployments for reduced engineering time and enhanced cost savings.

Dow Chemical Co. introduced FLUIDFILE™ software, a next-generation fluid selection and engineering tool to support heat transfer fluid decision makers. The new program provides up-to-date fluids information and more robust property calculation capabilities to deliver immediate property information specific to user requirements. FLUIDFILE calculates properties based on specific system conditions and preferences set by the user, including temperature ranges, pipe or tube diameter, fluid velocity, and units of measure.

DPI Information Services Inc. flaunted its Manufacturer’s Representative (Man Rep) solution, which gives Infor10 Distribution Express (FACTS) users the ability to track bids, quotes, jobs, contacts, processes, and commissions directly in their Infor system. Combined with the Document Archive Management module, it can eliminate complex, manual job files and replace them with organized electronic job files.

Echelon Corp. demonstrated its multiprotocol FT 6000 system on chip (SoC). The company said the system supports both LonWorks and BACnet over IP on a single chip. Echelon’s IzoT platform gives building automation system designers protocol flexibility as well as a simplified path to IP enablement.

Electro Static Technology Inc. released a 36-page color handbook, the AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring Motor Repair Handbook. The book describes best practices for protecting motor bearings from electrical damage, and explains how to diagnose electrical bearing damage caused by variable-frequency drives (VFDs), also known as inverters. It then goes on to explain in detail best practices for preventing such damage to motors of various sizes and horsepower ratings.

Elite Software Development Inc. showcased its RHVAC program, designed to help contractors quickly and accurately calculate peak heating and cooling loads for residential buildings and some light commercial applications in accordance with ACCA Manual J and Manual D. RHVAC includes complete ACCA Manual D duct-sizing capability. Data can be manually entered or automatically taken from a floor plan drawn with the optional Drawing Board program.

EnOcean Alliance Inc. announced the availability of its developer kit, EDK 350U, for the North American market. The kit covers the entire product range in 902 MHz, from energy harvesting and wireless modules to ready-made product solutions. The kit is part of a modular concept that EnOcean can offer OEMs.

Epicor Software Corp. displayed its Prophet 21 Enterprise Software for Distributors. Built on a single platform, the Prophet 21 system is a Microsoft SQL Server and Windows-based application. It includes order management, supply chain, and warehousing functionality to provide the user with an effective and efficient end-to-end software solution. The Epicor Prophet 21 system is designed to streamline the various distribution processes in today’s dynamic supply chain and provides industry-leading solutions for emerging distributors, midsized companies, and subsidiaries of large multi-nationals. A feature-rich application with specific depth in a number of industries, the Prophet 21 system has been developed to manage the requirements of distribution verticals.

Evaporcool highlighted its existing building peak-efficiency solution. Through, Evaporcool is offering a combined energy-efficiency and AutoDemand Response solution with Web-enabled diagnostics. The program includes a suite of multivariable, intelligent efficiency applications that parse through recorded and near real-time sensor data and produce energy and money savings report cards, generate measurement and validation metrics, automate diagnostics for fault detection, and trigger emergency break-repair visits.

FastEST Inc. introduced its FastPIPE and FastDUCT state-of-the-art estimating programs. Developed for Windows 7, 8, and beyond, FastEST’s products deliver fast performance coupled with an intuitive, reliable, easy-to-learn user experience. FastEST’s catalogs have more than 175,000 items with up-to-date manufacturer list pricing for over 90 major brands. All of the company’s programs function on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers with single or dual monitors.

FieldBoss displayed its FieldBoss HVAC business management software platform designed specifically for HVAC contractors that built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365, and Microsoft SharePoint. Users can create reports and perform inquiries on demand with minimal training and no programming, giving them business intelligence for their role at the company.

FieldServer Technologies featured the enhanced QuickServer, a configurable gateway. New this year was the KNX QuickServer and M-Bus QuickServer, enabling interoperability with these major protocols in Europe. The enhanced QuickServer can utilize any serial and/or Ethernet protocol found in the FieldServer driver library.

GrayWolf Sending Solutions LLC unveiled remote, cloud-based access and control of any of the company’s Wi-Fi-enabled AdvancedSense WolfPack or DirectSense meters. Users can view measurement data on smartphones, iPads, Android phones, personal computers, or any Web-enabled device. Data may be displayed as multi-parameter graphs or in tabular format. Users can remotely adjust log intervals, modify attached notes, change alarm levels, and download logged readings via Wi-Fi to any Windows XP, 7, or 8 device that has GrayWolf’s WolfSense PC data transfer and reporting software loaded.

Grundfos Pumps Corp. launched Ecademy, its online training platform for professionals. Targeted for consulting engineers, installers, professional end users, service partners, and wholesale distributors, Ecademy is a training series that provides easy-to-access education before, during, and after the purchase process. The platform features global, as well as local, content in a variety of formats such as videos, slideshows, articles, and interactive tools. Through the portal, customers will be able to access classes on topics such as products, applications, and industry standards.

Heat Pipe Technology, a division of MiTek Industries, released its SelectPlus™ software program. Designed with the latest cloud-based technology, it is an integrated cloud-based platform that directly assists with heat pipe design and pricing, including the ability to create engineering drawings and enable required document submittals. Capabilities include the selection of dehumidification heat pipes and recovery heat pipes, and the ability to calculate the recovery-efficiency ratio to determine true net savings.

HVAC Solution Inc. displayed the HVAC Solution Pro with its new Revit import capabilities. HVAC Solution Pro allows the user to drag and drop super-intelligent objects to design air systems including both air handlers and rooftop units. It provides the user with the tools to design complex hydronic and steam systems, along with control schematics. The software includes all the necessary piping and ductwork components to model most systems with great flexibility.

Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. showcased its VE-Pro suite of integrated analysis tools to virtually test the feasibility of different energy-saving strategies and new technologies. VE-Pro can be used in conjunction with any other IES tool, either by different disciplines within the same organization or across different organizations. VE-Pro is modular and can be purchased in a variety of combinations, which helps ensure the user has the ability to pick and choose a solution that truly offers functionality the business requires.

Intellistar’s SmartCom/Infergence — M2M Wireless Solutions featured M2M Wireless Solutions, a data management system advertised with the ability to integrate wireless sensors to the network with ease.

Intuit Inc. introduced its updated online marketing software. The software lets the user communicate with their customers through automated email and text, improve their online reputation by collecting online reviews and automatically publishing them to the biggest websites in order to build their reputation and attract new customers, track revenue and customer satisfaction, and more.

Lynxspring Inc. exhibited Lynx CyberPro, a cyber-threat protection platform for building automation and energy management systems. The company said CyberPro creates shields of security and layers of cyber-security protection that reinforces the integrity of the corporate firewall by eliminating attack surfaces created by exposed devices on the Internet and within the network.

Magnum Energy Solutions showed eBox, which allows facility managers, contractors, and OEM manufacturers the ability to integrate EnOcean-based wireless, self-powered solutions to wired building automation systems. The eBox is interoperable with any BACnet-compliant building management system and supports functionalities for HVAC, lighting, metering, and plug-load applications.

Mobile FieldPro Inc. is a software suite that connects workers in the field to the home office. It features wireless field-to-office communications, instant access to vital customer equipment and task information, instant job notification for incoming jobs, time and inventory tracking, mileage tracking, and more. In the office, the software includes real-time graphical display of technicians’ job statuses and grants the user the ability to generate work order and maintenance tickets with wireless dispatch to the technician. The software supports multiple field service centers and dispatching personnel.

MovinCool, a registered trademark of DENSO Corp., launched a QR Code Service Link feature that gives owners of MovinCool air conditioners fast smartphone access to online warranty and service support information. By scanning the QR code on a MovinCool unit with a mobile device, users are immediately connected to the MovinCool website where they can register their unit for coverage under MovinCool’s full three-year manufacturer’s warranty (two years for ceiling-mount units). Once registered, users can verify the unit’s current warranty coverage period, view dealer contact information, find the phone number to call for service support, and get answers to frequently asked questions, as well as download operation manuals, service manuals, and spare parts catalogs.

Quote Software Inc. introduced its BIM automation tools with capabilities to help the user streamline his or her workflow and produce work faster without repetitive input. Using the latest design tools, the user can design and create BIM models more efficiently, giving him or her more time to spend improving his or her bottom line. QuoteExpress’ software is designed for HVAC commercial, industrial piping, and ductwork contractors who need a cloud-enabled fast and flexible tool to estimate duct/piping labor and material costs.

Reed Construction Data LLC introduced Intelligent Leads, a unique way to view construction projects across the U.S. With a clean and straight-forward design, the latest technology, and the most relevant results available, Intelligent Leads shows product manufacturers exactly where they can best focus their efforts for maximum profit.

Reliable Controls Corp. featured its RC Reporter™ energy-tracking and analysis software, allowing users to access archived building data and make operation decisions. It is a customizable server-based application that allows analysis of trend data from any BACnet Internet-connected building.

Sage North America showcased its updated Sage Construction and Real Estate software. The software helps the user improve visibility into key business metrics for more informed decision making; helps users discover best practices and new perspectives to keep businesses job-ready; and manages the many details associated with multiple projects, plans, estimates, and compliance.

ServiceCEO helps field service companies run their entire business more efficiently, from promoting and selling their services to billing customers and analyzing performance. Using this software, companies can promote their business, schedule appointments, plot jobs, plan routes, quickly access and print work-order information, bill customers quickly via email, add new customers to the database in seconds, and analyze data to gain insight into business performance.

Shop Data Systems Inc. introduced the QuickDuct CAM Master software, which takes the manual effort out of job takeoff, tooling, nesting, and downloading. A complete rectangle, round, and flat oval-fitting library and common 2-D fabrication shapes gives the user everything he or she needs to design, input, nest, and cut his or her own fittings and parts jobs.

Taco Inc. showed its e-smart tag that the company said identifies its most resource-saving technology, matching its products with installation tasks. It helps in saving energy, reducing water use, maximizing system efficiency, and conserving fuel.

Tecsys Inc. debuted its Visual-On-Voice exclusive technology, which enables its clients to achieve accuracy in filling clients’ orders. With Visual-On-Voice, workers can access critical information to make faster decisions and accelerate their workflows, hands-free. Voice technology drives momentum for continuous picker productivity, while Visual Logistics technology ensures clarity, accuracy, and quality in the distribution process.

TomTom Intl. BV showcased the WEBFLEET dashboard, which gives the user the ability to make quick, effective decisions with all of the facts in front of them. The WEBFLEET dashboard is an easy-to-use visual display that shows every aspect of a business’s performance at a glance; it keeps track of costs while increasing productivity and affords customers better service. The dashboard gives the user immediate insight into the daily operations of the business, including showing who’s driving how much and when.

Trend Control Systems exhibited its Trend Integrated Open Supervisor (TIOS), a NiagaraAX®-based front-end supervisor.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions displayed its Silent Passenger Connect — a service provided by Vehicle Tracking Solutions that allows clients to transmit data to Silent Passenger, or receive data from Silent Passenger. With Silent Passenger Connect, a user can integrate valuable data into other back-office software. Combining real-time vehicle information with the user’s current systems gives the user a 360-degree view of his or her company operations in a single solution.

Vertical Market Software offered its Total Solutions for contracting businesses. The Service Management system gives the user an all-in-one tool for managing service department needs, from scheduling to dispatching and contract administration. Vertical Market Software also offers Mobile Field Solutions, Ventus Job Costing, an accounting and payroll suite, and more.

Viconics Technologies Inc. showcased its latest VT8000 product line featuring a fully digital multi-language touch-screen display that can be customized to suit many user requirements. The user now has the option to match on-screen color schemes to room décor, display a personalized on-screen message in the language of choice, display custom on-screen logo and status messages, and keep servicing contact information available at the touch of a button.

Viewpoint Construction Software demonstrated the latest version of Viewpoint V6 Software, including improved service management functionality and Dispatch Board. The drag-and-drop Dispatch Board is an easy-to-use tool that provides a comprehensive view of all outstanding work to be performed and the available resources to perform that work. Users can view the board on a day-to-day basis, or weeks at a time, to easily schedule work orders that are upcoming, overdue, or have incomplete statuses from a prior day.

Weg Electric Corp. highlighted its Pump Genius. According to the company, this pump process control software is designed to reduce system operation and maintenance costs while increasing process accuracy and protection. It can be applied to any system that requires constant flow or pressure. The software monitors system pressure or flow and references low/high set point and run-time requirements. The lead and lag pumps are cycled on and off based on motor run times. System, motor, and drive faults are all monitored and alarmed with the program. Up to six pumps can be dynamically alternated and controlled.

WennSoft introduced the Jumpstart solutions for specialty trades. The software packages give the user the ability to control every aspect of their business, from job estimates to work orders to scheduling. Additional features include the MobileTech app, human resource/payroll capabilities, and the customer portal.

XREF Publishing Co. Inc. showcased its XREF HVAC Encyclopedia — a massive database specifically designed to help the user find HVACR parts, specifications, and suppliers. At the users’ fingertips is information on motors, controls, heating and a/c systems, tools, elements, gaskets, V-belts, refrigerants, and much more. The XREF HVAC Encyclopedia is an unbiased, comprehensive cross-reference database for HVACR professionals.

Zehnder America Inc. announced it is offering a free online continuing education credit course to explain the advantages of high-efficiency heat recovery ventilation for energy-efficient construction. The course, “Heat Recovery Ventilation: Why Efficiency Matters,” is available online and satisfies American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) credits for industry professionals. The presentation emphasizes the key elements for evaluating efficiency and effectiveness as well as some of the requirements for Passive House Institute (PHI) and Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) certification.

Publication date: 2/17/2014 

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