WASHINGTON – The Illinois Senate Energy Committee passed SB 2365 on a vote of 16-0, moving it to the full Senate. The bill would make changes to the Illinois Power Agency Act (IPAA) and allow public utilities to utilize the renewable-energy and energy-efficiency standards of geothermal heat pumps to meet energy-purchase standards set forth by the state.

“We met with every member of the committee and explained to them that current law fails to recognize geothermal heat pumps as both an efficient and a renewable source of energy,” said Doug Dougherty, president and CEO, GEO.

GEO is pushing an identical bill, HB 2514, in the Illinois House of Representatives.

In Minnesota, HF 1079 was introduced by the House of Representatives. The bill would allow geothermal heating and cooling systems “to apply to a utility’s renewable-energy obligation under certain conditions.”

If passed, the bill would amend Minnesota’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to include geothermal heat pumps as a compliance measure for utilities operating in the state to meet their renewable-energy purchase requirements. The effective date of the bill’s provisions would be the day following its enactment.

Publication date: 4/15/2013