What's NewSpecially designed to detect the danger of condensation on critical surfaces in HVAC applications, the EE46 condensation monitor also can be used as a dew point monitor in systems operating near condensation. According to the manufacturer, typical applications where condensation prevention is imperative include chilled ceilings, HVAC systems, as well as switching cabinets. The EE46 provides an alarm on the integrated potential free relay when the moisture on the surface reaches 90 percent rh. The relay output can then initiate control actions like decreasing the flow of cold water in a chilled beam, reducing the cooling capacity, or switching on the heating system. An onboard status LED will show the state of the alarm relay. The compact design of the enclosure minimizes installation costs with dual mounting options included, and convenient push-in wire terminals. Protection against dust, dirt, and corrosive agents is provided through the use of a specialized protective coating on the sensor and electronics.

E+E Elektronik GmbH

eProduct 186