ANN ARBOR, Mich. — NSF Intl. has published the first in a series of American National Standards for Ground-Source Geothermal Piping Systems. This new standard, NSF/ANSI 358-1, will be referenced in the 2015 International Mechanical Code and provides engineers, regulators, and users assurance that certified geothermal products meet minimum-performance and safety requirements, reducing potential liability, and increasing confidence and product acceptance.

NSF worked with engineers, piping manufacturers, and academic and regulatory representatives to develop the standard. NSF/ANSI 358-1 establishes minimum physical and performance requirements for geothermal piping system components, including long-term strength and quality-control requirements.

“This new NSF-ANSI Standard helps manufacturers and regulators, and provides a credible, science-based foundation for the expanding geothermal pipe industry to gain acceptance in the marketplace,” said Nasrin Kashefi, general manager of NSF Intl.’s plumbing programs. “Manufacturers that earn certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 358-1 will help increase confidence and product acceptance by ensuring geothermal pipe complies with all of the standard’s requirements.”

Publication date: 2/25/2013