FAIR LAWN, N.J. — CALMAC, a leader in thermal energy storage systems, announced that it is now a member of the Texas Energy Storage Alliance (TESA), a technology-neutral coalition of energy storage technology product and service companies. CALMAC joins TESA in its mission to promote the benefits of energy storage as well as to create a positive legal, regulatory, and economic environment for the development of energy storage services within the region.

According to TESA, Texas is the largest electricity consuming state in the U.S., consuming 30 percent more electric power than California with 30 percent less population. Due to its growth of business and industry while having to balance supply and demand with almost instantaneous power, Texas faces tighter electricity reserves. By joining TESA, CALMAC said it is demonstrating its commitment to Texas’ electricity needs by addressing summer peak energy demands and providing its knowledge of thermal energy storage for reducing a building’s peak energy load.

“CALMAC has always been a leader in the thermal energy storage market,” said Bob King, director of TESA. “The company’s mission aligns well with that of our alliance, as we move to establish new market structures and opportunities to address Texas’ electricity needs. The alliance will certainly benefit from CALMAC’s expertise and experience, given the number of installations they have across the country.”

“It is clear that there is significant need and immense opportunity for market transformation of the energy market in Texas,” said Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC. “We look forward to working with the alliance to educate the utilities and energy users and to establish recognition for the full value of the load shaping capacity of ice storage as an economic proposition for demand response and capacity markets.”

CALMAC’s IceBank® energy storage equipment has over 4,000 ice storage installations worldwide. For more information, visit www.calmac.com.

For more information on the Texas Energy Storage Alliance, visit http://texasenergystorage.com.

Publication date: 1/28/2013