HVAC Thermostats appApp Name: HVAC Thermostats

Company: Techlite Enterprises LLC (Belmont, Calif.)

Platforms: iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets

Release Date: September 2012

Cost: Free trial version; $3.99 for full access

Available for download at: iTunes App Store and Google Play

Description: The app includes manuals for more than 300 name-brand thermostats, which may be downloaded to a mobile device. Manuals may also be requested, if they are not listed.

“Techlite Enterprises’ applications are great tools for the service technician, allowing them to have hundreds of manuals in their pockets. It beats relying on stacks of manuals piled inside the service truck.”
— Dan Ginn, San Jose regional manager, RSD Total Controls

Publication date: 10/29/2012