Sean Hogan demonstrates how to install pond loops
Sean Hogan, technical trainer, ClimateMaster, demonstrates how to install pond loops.

OKLAHOMA CITY — ClimateMaster and Thermal Supply welcomed more than 80 attendees to their inaugural GeoRanch in Snohomish, Wash.

Wes Jenkins, of Alternative Heating and Air, provided the event location at his home in rural Snohomish. The one-day event featured live demonstrations that focused on geothermal system components and different types of installation techniques.

The training consisted of five unique stations that demonstrated different aspects of the geothermal industry. Stations included: GeoDesigner and Homesphere, led by Titian Burris of ClimateMaster and Kevin Powell of Homesphere; Unit Start Up, led by Michael Hammond of ClimateMaster and Kevin Heide of Thermal Supply; Horizontal Boring, led by Mike Hudson of Thermal Supply and Caleb Fox of ClimateMaster; Vertical Drilling, led by Dave Pergel of ClimateMaster; and Pond Loop, led by Sean Hogan of ClimateMaster.

Mark Dillman, branch manager, Thermal Supply said, “I’m proud that we could draw attendees from as far away as Alaska and Montana. Approximately 60 percent of the contractors are already doing geothermal, but the rest are on the fence and this training is a push in the right direction.

“This event provides hands on training that is so much different from those that take place in a classroom. This training definitely increased enthusiasm in geothermal technology among the attendees.”

Attendees of GeoRanch Northwest included builders, dealers, distributors, contractors, architects, and engineers. Gregory Drilling of Kirkland, Wash. and Superlon Plastics of Tacoma, Wash. offered their support in the training.

Brandon Hall, of Oasis Drilling, has been drilling wells for five years, yet has never installed a geoexchange system.

“GeoRanch was a great way to learn how the entire geothermal system works, not just the drilling portion,” said Hall. “Attending this class gave me the knowledge to educate customers on more than just the drilling. Now I can educate customers on how the units operate, flushing a system, return on investment, and energy savings.”

D’Aron Johnson, Ambrose Geo, Stevensville, Mont., said, “The most beneficial element of the training was to see the vertical drilling. Learning about vertical loops opens the door for customers that may not have the land, but want to install geothermal.”

Publication date: 9/3/2012