Electronic Room ThermostatWith an operating temperature of 32-122°F (0-50°C), <95 percent rh, the TE110 on-off electronic thermostat is a two-position room thermostat with digital display and digital key set point. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for controlling heating or cooling valves, fans, or other two-position devices to maintain an accurate room temperature. The external heating-cooling changeover thermostat or wire jumper can be connected to terminals four and five to select heating or cooling mode. Economy mode can be implemented by grounding terminal six or connecting a contact across terminal six and seven. Features include an NTC thermistor sensing element; 1°F (0.5°C) switching; 24-vac, 5-A control output; and an operating voltage of 24 vac, 50/60 Hz, ±20 percent. The thermostat’s cover is white and the base is gray. The white wall mounting plate has mounting holes for European and North American standards and fits a 2 x 4 electric box.

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