KMC Controls Inc.: Analog Electronic ThermostatFor use in many new and retrofit electronic room-temperature control applications, the CTE-5202 is a dual set point, analog electronic room controller with a digital LCD display. It provides two independent control loops, with heating and cooling set points that drive two (adjustable) 0-12 vdc analog outputs for control of external devices. The thermostat is designed for use with CEP/CSP-4000 and CSP-5000 Series of electronic pressure-independent variable-air volume (VAV) controllers, MEP-4002 proportional electronic actuators in pressure-dependent VAV applications, and VEB-43/46 Series proportional control valves in baseboard and other heating/cooling applications. Common applications for morning warm-up, changeover, and unoccupied/night setback are enabled via an external temperature sensor and/or contact closure provided by a remote building automation system. The LCD display can be blanked if desired, the company said. Features include displaying room temperature in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius; adjustable minimum/maximum/auxiliary limits (span), deadband, proportional band, integral, temperature offset, setback offset, and changeover; and external input for changeover sensor and setback contact.

KMC Controls Inc.

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