While each of the following products differs in scope, they were all designed to promote cleaner and healthier commercial atmospheres. Here are some useful products contractors are using to improve indoor environmental quality.

The Broan® Ultra™ Series Ventilation fans and fan/lights operate at less than 0.3 sones, and are available in both single- and multi-speed models. The Ultra Green™ energy saving DC motor offers energy-efficient operation beyond Energy Star requirements. Ultra Smart™ control technology maintains operation over a wide range of installations, often maintaining 0.1-inch pressure cfm ratings at well beyond 0.25 inches. The Ultra Lucent™ lighting technology includes two 18W Energy Star-qualified bulbs, providing a wide light pattern with no hotspots.

ClimateMaster’s Climadry® II is a modulating reheat and dehumidification option. The dedicated dehumidification mode uses condenser water in the reheat process and provides neutral temperature air to the space, preventing overheating or overcooling during dehumidification. ClimaDry II can be applied to a number of applications such as classrooms, computer rooms, auditoriums, theaters, convention centers, and more. The option is currently available on ClimateMaster’s Tranquility® 20 and 27 Series, and the Tranquility® TL and TR Series.

Honeywell Environmental & Combustion Controls
Honeywell’s TrueCLEAN enhanced air cleaners deliver cleaner air by taking a high-airflow media filter and enhancing it with electronic technology. The result is a MERV 15 efficiency that actually improves over time. TrueCLEAN utilizes a three-step process of charge, capture, and destroy. As particles enter the system, an array of ionizing points electrically charges the particles. As the particles travel into the media filter, they’re captured by media fibers. A continuous charge ensures dirt is loaded 360-degrees around the filter fibers, which allows the capture of more particles than standard filters and helps the filters last longer. Once particles are captured, charging strips on opposite sides of the carbon-tipped media filter continue to charge and deactivate particles. The device has been proven to filter and deactivate more than 99 percent of certain airborne particles and contaminants from the air passing through the system.

Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration
Kimberly Clark Professional Filtration’s Pleated Synthetic Media Technology designed for MERV 11-15 filters delivers initial and sustained particle capturing efficiencies, helping to deliver improved IAQ. The media maintains a low airflow resistance, which reduces energy costs, as the HVAC system does not need to work as hard to deliver the required air volume. The media may be used in a variety of filter types including pockets, rigid cells, mini-pleats, v-banks, and aluminum separator filters.

Lennox Commercial’s UVC germicidal lights provide intense rays that dramatically reduce concentrations of potentially harmful microorganisms on wet surfaces, which help create an improved working environment, said the company. The lights increase efficiency by keeping heating and cooling equipment free of mold and organic buildup, and prolong life by eliminating biological contaminants like viruses, mold, and bacteria from coils and drain pan surfaces.

MacroAir’s AirVolution is a six-blade high-volume, low-speed fan available in 8- to 24-foot diameters. The fans feature variable-speed, 1-horsepower motors, with 115-V and 208-240-V single or 460V 3-phase units available. The use of six blades, rather than 10, helps reduce energy use by 40 percent. MacroAir fans are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified and compliant with Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) standards.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating’s CITY MULTI® VRF Dedicated Outdoor Air System is designed to supply outdoor ventilation air to a building independent of the HVAC air distribution or conditioning system. The system pre-conditions outside air for introduction into downstream HVAC units, lessening the load on HVAC systems. Because the HVAC systems have to work less to condition the air to a certain temperature when used in conjunction with the system, end-users save on utility costs. The unit connects to a Mitsubishi Electric VRF outdoor unit to provide energy-efficient outside air by utilizing waste heat from cooling cycles to provide reheat capability without a supplemental power source.

Munters Corp.
Munters Corp. recently unveiled its DryCool™ products, designed to serve as the occupied space’s dedicated outdoor air system that provides space neutral temperature and below-space humidity. DryCool units are available in size from 200 to 16,000 cfm. The core of DryCool’s technology is the condenser reactivated desiccant wheel. The evaporator coil provides cooling prior to the desiccant process that will condition the air to below the space design moisture requirements. The units deliver drier air, for less energy.

NuTone®’s Humidity Sensing Recessed Fan/Lights are Energy Star qualified. The unit may look like a simple recessed light, but concealed inside is a humidity sensor that automatically turns on a fan when moisture is detected. The device features SensAire® technology to ensure moisture is effectively exhausted at the source by automatically ridding the room of excess humidity. The fan delivers 70 cfm at 1.5 sones, features an adjustable automatic shut-off, and includes a 14W fluorescent bulb, suitable for use over a tub or shower.

Titus HVAC
Titus HVAC recently introduced the EOS diffuser. EOS delivers the full volume of supplied air in both heating and cooling mode in the appropriate discharge pattern by utilizing an auto-changeover function powered by light energy, eliminating wasteful compromise of discharging half the volume in an inappropriate direction regardless of the supply temperature, or by having to manually change air discharge patterns for the correct discharge pattern. The energy harvesting feature allows up to 30 percent energy savings over traditional linear split-system diffusers. The unit also meets ASHRAE standards 55 for thermal comfort, 62.1 for IAQ, and 90.1 for energy savings.

Trane’s Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) is designed to reduce or neutralize organic contaminants that may be circulating through a facility’s HVAC system. The air cleaning system captures, sterilizes, and vaporizes many airborne contaminants including germs, viruses, pollen, spores, and other biological organisms, gases, and volatile organic compounds. The TCACS utilizes filtration, ultraviolet light, and a photocatalytic oxidation process to reduce or neutralize contaminants. A MERV 13 high-efficiency filter captures larger biological contaminants and small airborne particles.

York®’s Commercial Comfort System (YCCS) features factory-installed controls and configured components specially designed for commercial and light commercial users. The integrated system of equipment, HVAC controls, and accessories allows nontechnical building staff to navigate, monitor, and control functions from a single intuitive user interface. Owners can network single-zone, constant-volume HVAC units; or institute multiple changeover bypass or variable air volume (VAV)-zoned systems, or have a combination of both. YCCS version 1.2 is a factory-installed option for all York light commercial products, including the Sunline and Predator packaged gas/electric, heat pumps, and hot gas reheat models. In addition, VAV factory-installed controllers are now offered in all York 6.5- to 65-ton commercial rooftop models.

Publication date: 7/16/2012