When putting together a jigsaw puzzle, a great number of pieces must be fitted together to complete the whole picture. In HVACR, a lot of parts are required to make a whole piece of equipment. On top of that, there many accessories that can be added to units to enhance them.

A few HVACR components and accessories are honored in The NEWS’ ninth annual Dealer Design awards in the Components & Accessories category. Southwire’s SIMpull Tstat™ garnered the gold, Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland™ Compressor Protection Kits gained the silver, and Regal Beloit’s Morrill Motors KRYO SSC motor obtained the bronze.

Gold Winner

The SIMpull Tstat™ wire combines traditional thermostat wiring with Southwire’s patented SIM Technology®. SIM (Slikqwik® Infused Membrane) Technology helps create faster installs and cleaner handling, said the company. The SIMpull Tstat wire is used by HVAC contractors to connect the outside HVAC unit to the thermostat(s) inside a residential or commercial building.

The addition of Southwire’s patented SIM Technology to the traditional thermostat wire makes it easier to pull, abrasion resistant, and easier to strip. The addition of SIM Technology helps the contractor to get a clean pull even when facing obstacles like old wiring, clamps, and ductwork.

A judge remarked, “In both new and existing homes, pulling stat wire can be aggravating. It looks like they have solved the issue very well.”

Silver Winner

The Copeland™ Compressor Protection Kits CR42K6, CR47KQ, and CRN5 from Emerson Climate Technologies are complete R-22 tune-up and compressor protection kits that come bundled with the Copeland™ CR compressor or Copeland Scroll™ ZR compressors. The Copeland™ reciprocating compressor protection kit includes capacitor clamps and sheet metal screws, filter drier (biflow), fan capacitor (7.5 microfarad [MFD]), fan capacitor (10 MFD), two-pole contactor, start capacitor, mounting parts and molded plug, crankcase heater, fittings, run capacitor (rated for compressor with 5-MFD fan capacitor), and start relay.

The Copeland Scroll™ service compressor protection kit includes capacitor clamps and sheet metal screws, fan capacitor (10 MFD), fan capacitor (7.5 MFD), two-pole contactor, mounting parts and molded plug, Comfort Alert diagnostics module (two-wire, single phase), filter drier (bi-flow), and run capacitor (rated for compressor with 5-MFD fan capacitor).

It is available for single-phase, residential applications ZR16-ZR54K5 and ZR61K3, CR24–R42K6, CR47KQ, and CRN5.

The compressor protection kits deliver all the necessary, high-quality components at the right place, saving time instead of requiring technicians to search for the right part.

Copeland compressor protection kits are packaged neatly between two molded cavity trays and fit securely within a robust corrugated carton that slides down the side of a single-pack compressor box. Kits can be easily removed from the compressor box with a built-in handle.

“Everything you need to change the compressor — nice idea, simple,” commented one judge.

Bronze Winner

The KRYO SSC motor, by Regal Beloit’s Morrill Motors is a constant-speed, brushless dc motor, with a 115-V or 208-230-V single-phase, ball bearing design, with a discrete operating speed range of 500-3,600 rpm.

It is an ATEX-certified motor to EN60079 for use with flammable refrigerants (the European Union ATEX Directive dictates the minimum requirements for a Zone 2 hazardous location). It is certified up to IP65 protection for moisture and dust protection. The motor offers North American and global mounting options.

All KRYO SSC ball bearing motors can be fitted with a variety of mounting brackets and fan blades in order to optimize airflow and system efficiency. The motor is designed for refrigerated display cases, vending machines, bottle coolers, and condenser applications.

The KRYO SSC is an easy, drop-in replacement for existing shaded pole and PSC motors, providing ECM technology for a retrofit installment, said the manufacturer. It is a hardy motor that survives jetted water during washdowns and requires no special maintenance. It provides a solution for applications where moisture and dust have been issues and is available as a fan system.

Sidebar: 2012 Honorees — Components + Accessories

Gold Winner

Manufacturer: Southwire
Product: SIMpull Tstat™

Silver Winner

Manufacturer: Emerson Climate Technologies
Product: Copeland™ Compressor Protection Kits CR42K6, CR47KQ, CRN5

Bronze Winner

Manufacturer: Regal Beloit, Morrill Motors
Product: KRYO SSC motor

Publication date: 7/9/2012