Instant water heaters, high-tech boilers, and steam solutions are just a few examples of wet heat technology. Here are a few products in that segment that might be of interest to the HVACR contractor.

ECR International

ECR International recently constructed a world class Research and Development facility at their Utica, N.Y., location where the new Utica SSC 96 percent AFUE stainless steel modulating condensing boiler was designed.

The Utica SSC’s original heat exchanger design consists of a stainless steel fin tube coil which is mounted vertically. The vertical
positioning of the heat exchanger allows the condensate to wash across the fins and out of the condensate drain; thus there are no low spots where debris can settle. The SSC also features a built-in primary-secondary loop with pump which eliminates the need for a high head heat exchanger pump as well as the cost to provide and install this piping at the jobsite.

Other key features include built-in low-water cutoff protection, domestic hot water priority, and a simple-to-program text display control interface.


Eternal manufactures its Eternal GU100 hybrid water heater, designed to provide endless hot water like a tankless, but has almost 2 gallons of storage inside. The extra storage means hot water is ready when you need it.

Users do not have to wait for the water to heat up, and the burner does not have to burn when it is not being used. With Eternal, users get the benefits of a tank and a tankless without having to worry about running out of hot water or losing water pressure when running multiple applications, said the company.


The Grundfos Magna ECM (electronically commutated motor) circulator is designed for hydronic heating applications in large residences, multifamily, institutional, and light-commercial applications. It features a permanent magnet motor that will cut power consumption by a minimum of 50 percent, as compared with other circulators in its class.

The result is a dramatically more efficient motor that generates less heat and energy waste, while delivering a starting torque four times higher than a standard induction motor — a key feature should the circulator experience long periods of idleness.


The Noritz NH150-DV and NH199-DV tankless hydronic boilers are suited for constant room temperature comfort in the home for various residential heating choices, such as panel radiators, baseboard flooring, and radiant floor heating. The direct-vent units appear similar to tankless water heaters and weigh only 66 pounds versus a conventional boiler at 300 pounds, said the company.

They also offer nine temperature settings (140-180˚F) for hydronic heating applications. Each unit has a high-flow capacity of 14 gallons per minute with a three-speed Grundfos Pumps circulator included in the unit. The units also include an outdoor reset control (ORD).

R.W. Beckett

R.W. Beckett’s AquaSmart boiler temperature control is a programmable boiler temperature control device with a low water cutoff/heat manager economizer energy savings device which allows Beckett to guarantee a minimum of 10 percent fuel savings, said the company. The AquaSmart also saves energy with its circulator hold-on function. It has a universal design which reduces contractor’s inventory. Additional features include:

• High and low limit and differentials as well as advanced options;

• Cycle history diagnostic information;

• Freeze-up resistance (helps prevent pipes freezing by running circulator in an error condition);

• Backlit LCD screen with programming touch pad;

• Priority override for domestic hot water; and

• Oil and gas offerings are available.


Taco’s Viridian pump is a variable-speed, wet-rotor pump with an ECM motor that offers an 80 percent decrease in energy consumption compared to a standard commercial pump of the same size, said the company. It is a web-enabled, high efficiency commercial pump product line for chilled and hot water applications. All settings and pump access can be done over an internet connection making installation, setup, and service easy. With fully automated variable-speed operation, simple web style controls and capacities up to 375 gpm, the Viridian line meets the widest range of closed-loop heating and cooling applications.

An Ethernet connection on the pump allows for remote control, monitoring, and adjustment without requiring the involvement of advanced IT or commissioning personnel. Any Viridian pump can be instantly accessed via a laptop or standard Internet browser. It features a working pressure of 175 psi, and is suitable for fluid temperatures from 14˚F to 230˚F. The VR15 and VR20 can accept 110-240 volts, while the larger VR25 and VR30 operate on 230-240 volts.

Uponor Wirsbo

Uponor Wirsbo’s Radiant Rollout™ Mat Offers 85 percent installation efficiency for commercial projects. The mat is made up of a custom-designed, prefabricated, pre-pressurized network of Uponor crosslinked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing and is a good solution for faster, more consistent installations for large commercial radiant heating and cooling applications — saving up to 85 percent in installation time, said the company. The mat consists of Wirsbo hePEX™ (oxygen barrier) or Uponor AquaPEX® (non-barrier) PEX-a tubing connected with ProPEX® engineered plastic (EP) fittings which are safe for burial in the slab and offer fast onsite customization when necessary.

Watts Radiant

The Watts Radiant FlexPlate is a flexible graphite plate designed for underfloor, wall, or ceiling applications. The high thermal conductivity (50 percent higher than aluminum) of the graphite allows it to better utilize high efficiency, low temperature heat sources. The plates are a good fit for new construction or retrofits, said the company. With new construction activity depressed and a sharp focus on energy savings, there is a great opportunity for products that combine value (in new construction or remodels) and the ability to use lower temperature hot water sources.

The lightweight, flexible plates can be cut with a pair of scissors or utility knife and don’t have any sharp edges that require grinding. FlexPlate allows HVAC contractors to offer lower temperature radiant systems in remodels, opening up a significant market to the comfort and efficiency of radiant, the company said.


Webstone, which holds many patents and has introduced many valve designs to the industry, has a number of different products for HVAC contractors to offer in the design of hydronic systems. Some of these proprietary products include the Isolator uniflange ball valve, Isolator EXP service valve kits, Pro-Pal step saving valves for hydronic and plumbing systems, Pro-Connect push and crimp valves, and Hydro-Core near boiler piping systems. According to Webstone, these products are unique in design as they incorporate many steps and processes within one valve assembly.


Wrightsoft offers the Right-Radiant® Design (J, Draw, Radiant, Proposal), which replaces CAD software with automated radiant loop CAD-quality drawings that include built-in calculations. CAD-quality automatic loop layout with calculations saves time in one program. The software is an easy-to-use and complete radiant design program with snow melt capabilities for automatically designing and laying out radiant loops, using industry-standard conventions for spacing, manifold connections, and bill of materials.

These CAD-quality drawings are tied to automatic calculations of all parameters, providing immediate updates to your drawing based on changes made within the connected calculations and preferences. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for additional drawing products, said the company.

Publication date: 02/20/2012