gas furnaceExpanding the TM9X and TM9V families, two models have been added to the Luxaire® LX Series of multiposition gas furnaces. An input rate of 40,000 Btuh enables the furnaces to provide better heat load matches, avoiding oversized equipment selection. Correct sizing is further ensured by a lower airflow capacity (rated for 1,000 cfm nominal rather than 1,200 cfm nominal), which matches the furnaces with Luxaire cooling units ranging from 1 to 2.5 tons, the company says. The 96 percent, variable-speed TM9V model includes two-stage gas valve and inducer operation and a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM). The 95.5 percent, single-stage TM9X model features a five-speed, direct drive X13-style, high-efficiency DC motor. The efficiency of both furnaces is enhanced by an induced combustion, reliable hot surface ignition, and a high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchanger. Units also feature access to controls to connect power/control wiring, a fully supported blower assembly for improved access and blower removal, and high-level self-diagnostics with fault-code display. The one-quarter-turn knobs for door removal eases service on the furnaces, while solid removable bottom panels make conversion easy.

Johnson Controls - Unitary Products

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