WASHINGTON — In May 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the Energy Star National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings. In its second year, the competition featured teams from 245 buildings across the United States in a head-to-head battle to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

As the battle drew to a close, the competitors have saved a combined total of more than 240 million kBtu of energy and $5.2 million in annual utility bills. They prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to the electricity used by more than 3,600 homes a year. The top 10 finishers achieved energy reductions of at least 30 percent, and the winner saved 63 percent in 12 months.

According to the EPA, the Energy Star National Building Competition provides a valuable platform for organizations to review and improve operations and maintenance, test innovative approaches and technologies, mobilize internal teams, and engage local communities. It also offers an enormously valuable energy performance data that can help inform the commercial building market, said the EPA.

The winner of the competition is the University of Central Florida, Parking Garage C, Orlando, Fla. It reduced its energy use by 63.2 percent, has a cost savings of $34,907, and 258 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions were prevented.

For more information, go to www.energystar.gov/BattleoftheBuildings.

Publication date: 12/26/2011