DAVENPORT, Iowa — Blue Gavel Press has announced the release of the 13th edition of itsOSHA Training Guide.

Even though compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a top workplace priority, noted Theresa Jones, CEO of Blue Gavel Press, a successful training program still needs to look beyond regulations and laws. “The ultimate aim of any safety program,” she said, “is not mere legal compliance, but the prevention of unsafe practices that can injure or kill employees.”

Jones stated, “Accidents usually result from unsafe acts, rather than unsafe conditions. Like most car accidents, workplace injuries often occur when someone is careless or in a hurry. The OSHA Training Guide provides employers with the basic framework for a safety training program. Training helps employees develop good safety habits and avoid the temptation to take shortcuts.”

According to Blue Gavel Press, the new edition of the OSHA Training Guide features the most current safety training information, compiled and explained in everyday terms. Highlights of the latest edition include:

• A new training module on confined spaces, including regulatory requirements, tips, misconceptions, and more for trainers, along with handouts, quizzes, and Toolbox Meeting “refresher” materials for trainees.

• New quizzes and answer sheets for each training module.

• New information on revisions to the OSHA Outreach Training Program, the Injury and Illness Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program, the 2010 OSHA memorandum on training and comprehension, communications in multilingual workplaces, and training older workers.

• New information in the bloodborne pathogens training module on “universal precautions” vs. “standard precautions,” proper handling of contaminated sharps, and more.

• A revised employer checklist for lock-out/tag-out training.

• New facts on OSHA’s interpretation of “safe” forklift speeds.

• New information on safety showers and eyewashes and the globally harmonized system (GHS) of hazard communication.

• Three new Toolbox Meeting handouts, in addition to revised and updated handouts.

For more information on the OSHA Training Guide, visit www.bluegavel.com/products/103-osha-training-guide.aspx.

Publication date: 10/24/2011