For years distributors have combed the pages of HVAC contractor magazines, gleaning information that is timely and relevant to their sector of the industry. In Jan. 2012, the gleaning is over. BNP Media — the publishers ofThe NEWS— and the Heating, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) have entered into an agreement to launch Distribution Center (DC). This bimonthly magazine is the official publication of HARDI and it will provide full coverage of the association and the HVACR distribution sector. On its off months,DCwill find a home on the pages ofThe NEWS.

“This magazine is going to use The NEWS’ style of design and editorial content which our research indicates is extremely popular with distributor readers,” said Kyle Gargaro, managing editor of Distribution Center. “There will be news oriented stories featuring standout distributors, updates on HARDI council and committee projects, as well as editorials, analysis, and forecasts on the most important aspects of the HVACR distribution. We feel we have a successful mix of stories in The NEWS, and we want to bring that same commitment of excellence to the distribution industry.”

Accompanying the release of the print issue is a wide range of electronic products designed to meet the informational needs of the smallest to the largest distributor.

Online Anytime

Launching simultaneously with the print magazine are a digital magazine and a website. The digital edition will allow distributors to read the full magazine in one, online digital platform. Enhanced with hot links and special interactive features, DC’s digital edition takes simple reading to a different level of interactive engagement, maximizing access to printed and supplemental information. Readers can subscribe to the digital edition for free and be notified via email when the latest issue is released.

The new website will provide 24/7 access to articles, videos, and industry updates. It will keep its users abreast of news, products, trends, business management, and more; all while focused directly on the HVAC distribution sector. This multimedia platform will be a trove of instructional and conversational material. As the exclusive source for HARDI information as well, the website will be updated regularly. Whether you missed the latest convention, or are interested in what is happening in a specific committee, DC online will help you stay connected and in the industry loop.

Other connections will be coming soon as DC establishes its social skills. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media endeavors will further the reach of the magazine while establishing another platform of access for its readers and users.

Each of these products is designed to provide maximum engagement on the user’s platform of choice. No distributor’s need for information is the same and whether they choose one or all platforms, there is a way for distributors to interact with DC.

Next Level Technology

Once the print, digital, and online versions are launched at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago, DC will continue to prepare and introduce other informational and entertaining electronic products to help HVAC distributors do their jobs more knowledgably.

First up will be a monthly eNewsletter. Articles and events of interest will be highlighted in a direct-to-your-inbox email product that features timely articles, links, and tips to help HVAC distributors run more efficiently and hopefully make more money. Keep connected with upcoming industry events with a click of the mouse. Get online and get on DC’s eNewsletter list.

Another electronic product DC will roll out in 2012 is an iPad edition. The editorial team will create new and exclusive interactive experiences that allow distributors to engage in a wide range of learning and entertaining activities. Capitalizing on Apple’s iPad technology and editor ingenuity, DC’s iPad version will provide yet another platform for HVAC industry distributors to access and benefit.

Whether on the latest technology platform or the standard tried and true, DC and its staff are committed to providing HVAC distributors with comprehensive, accurate, and timely information in ways that best fit distributor’s needs. Look for the new print and eMedia products in January and throughout 2012. Spread the word that Distribution Center is coming.

Publication date: 10/03/2011