The Caddy® Rod Lock is a threaded rod mounting system that provides a quick and economical solution for installing electrical and mechanical systems supportedERICO: Threaded Rod Mounting Systemby threaded rod. The system includes the Caddy Rod Lock beam clamp and channel nut. The beam clamp has a load capacity up to 500 pounds (3/8-inch rod) or 2200 N (M10 rod) - depending on flange thickness. UL® 203- & UL 223-approved, and FM® approved, the beam clamp reduces installation time up to 60 percent, whereas the channel nut reduces installation time up to 34 percent, says the company. The electro-galvanized ductile iron channel nut has a load capacity up to 750 pounds (3/8 inch) or 3750 N (M8, M10). With its push-install design, the system simplifies the installation of threaded rod. To install, push the threaded rod through the mounting hole, and it instantly locks into position. The system can even be used on threaded rod with slightly damaged threads or minor burrs, helping to save time by minimizing the amount of deburring that is usually required prior to installation.

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