IAQ can play an important part in people’s comfort every day of the year. It also can help with an arguably even more important aspect to people’s lives - their health.

Also, making IAQ products easier to install and service helps contracting companies with their financial health. The winners of the 2011 Dealer Design Award in the Indoor Air Quality category - Model 800 Steam Humidifier (gold), Saber GENIUS 24V/110V UV Light System (silver), and EFAMS Electronic Fan Inlet Air Measuring Station (bronze) - get kudos for what they can do to help a contracting company’s bottom line through ease of service and installation.



The Model 800 Steam Humidifier is a whole-house steam humidifier. Designed by Aprilaire and its sister company Dri-Steem, the humidifier is compact and has a design using electrode technology. One feature the unit has is that it provides three capacities in one model (11.5 gpd at 120V, 20.5 gpd at 208V, and 23.3 gpd at 240V). This gives the contractor more options with only one unit. The Model 800’s remote mount kit and automatic control are both included with the unit.

The humidifier senses the humidity level with the automatic controller, which is included.

The canister can be easily replaced by contractors, which eliminates time-consuming maintenance. The canisters are economical and can be switched out quickly, saving the contractor time and money. For homes with no ductwork, the Model 800 connects to the Model 850 fan pack, which allows the humidifier to run independently of any HVAC equipment.

With the Model 800 there is no cleaning necessary; replace the canister at the end of its life and it’s ready to go.

Said Aprilaire, “The Model 800 is easier to maintain than resistive steam humidifiers that need to be cleaned and is less sensitive to water quality conditions compared to resistive humidifiers in the market.”

One judge commented, “This appears to be an easy application and engineering that makes sense. The unit appears to be end-user friendly.”

“Looks very easy to maintain and service,” added another judge.



The Saber GENIUS 24V/110V UV Light System (SABERGN16/24110-G) from Sanuvox Technologies Inc. is a 16-inch dual-voltage ultraviolet (UV) cleaner designed to destroy and prevent mold and other microbial growth on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas. The Saber GENIUS is a dual-voltage system allowing for both a low-voltage 24-V installation as well as a 110-V installation. The 3-inch back-lit LCD display provides important user information including lamp life, intensity, when to replace the UV lamp, troubleshooting icons in the event of a failure (lamp and/or ballast) as well as a contact installer icon.

Should the UV cleaner sense that the voltage is either too high or too low, the unit will not start; an EC message will appear on the LCD display and the installer will then connect the Saber GENIUS using the supplied transformer.

The lamp intensity function will notify the end user when the lamp intensity has diminished to the point where the UV lamp must be replaced. A “Call Installer; Replace UV Lamp” icon will flash, informing the end user that it is time to replace the UV lamp.

Judges’ comments were complimentary of the product. One judge said, “The easy-to-read diagnostic capabilities of this unit are very nice. No more guessing! Also, I like the spare bulb that comes with the fixture.”

Another judge remarked, “The display makes the installation and service easy. It’s always a guess for the tech to determine when to change the bulb. This makes it a ‘no brainer.’ ”

A third judge commented, “It’s an interesting concept.”



Ruskin’s EFAMS Electronic Fan Inlet Air Measuring Station measures the air velocity and temperature at the inlet of a fan. The EFAMS system comes complete with two small aerodynamic sensors, a router/multiplexer, a control transmitter and Cat5e connecting cables. The control transmitter communicates temperature and velocity to any building automation system through analog outputs.

Air measurement at the fan inlet means that air measurement can be accomplished without interfering with existing ductwork. All components are surface-mounted with a total of only 10 screws. Wiring is accomplished by connecting 24-vac power to the control transmitter, connecting the transmitter data output to the building automation system, and connecting the EFAMS components to each other with the Cat5e cables. No regular service is required; depending on conditions, occasional cleaning of the sensors may be needed, using a soft bristle brush, said Ruskin.

According to Ruskin, the main installation benefit is quick and easy installation using standard tools, with field reconfiguration possible if required. “For instance, if a different length Cat5e shielded cable is needed during installation or for service, it can be sourced locally or made in the field. The control transmitter is factory preset, but it allows the user to fine-tune the output to match test and balance results,” the company said.

A judge said, “This looks good. Installation looks easy, and the data gathered is important when determining optimum airflow. Both fan temperature and airflows are critical for accuracy. No restriction of airflow is important.”

A second judge also seemed to like the product. “It’s a great idea. I think this will work well.”

2011 Honorees: Indoor Air Quality

Gold Winner
Model 800 Steam Humidifier

Silver Winner
Sanuvox Technologies Inc.
Saber GENIUS 24V/110V UV Light System

Bronze Winner
EFAMS Electronic Fan Inlet Air Measuring Station

Honorable Mentions
ClenAir Manufacturing Inc.
PurCool Green Mini Strips PCG5MS

Honeywell International Inc.
TrueEASE Whole-House Humidifier

Bacharach Inc.
IEQ Chek™

Johnson Controls
York® Affinity™ Series Central Dehumidifiers

Publication date:07/11/2011