The EOS solar-powered energy-harvesting diffuser is designed to improve comfort and save energy while providing a solution to challenging building perimeter applications. It utilizes a specially designed logic system that monitors air temperature and adjusts the air discharge position using harvested power to complete the diffuser’s auto-changeover function. The plenum slot diffuser is designed specifically to address the imperfect perimeter compromises by providing the perfect perimeter solution, automatically changing the air discharge pattern to the correct horizontal or vertical position for heating and cooling applications, the company says. The EOS is powered completely by natural light. The auto-changeover action is powered by a unique energy harvesting system that collects solar or ambient light energy from a small solar panel mounted to the face of the unit. It uses the harvested light energy to power a miniature motor/actuator assembly, while a PC board with a temperature sensor uses smart logic to monitor the supply air and quickly change the air discharge pattern when that temperature falls outside of the narrow temperature band. When 100 percent of the supply air is effectively utilized, the room temperature reaches set point faster, allowing the HVAC system to run for a shorter duration of time, saving energy.

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